How to remove the protective glass from iPhone

Nowadays iPhone is a rather expensive toy. Therefore, users try to provide it with maximum protection by resorting to the use of covers and protective glasses. These actions are simply necessary for those who are not particularly careful. After all, replacing the same display on new iPhones costs only 2 times cheaper than the gadget itself.

However, sometimes it is necessary to get rid of the protective glass. This is usually done either before selling the phone, or in cases of damage, or simply from the desire to change something.

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How to remove the protective glass from iPhone

How to remove the protective glass from the screen iPhone? At first glance, it seems that this is easy to do – you don't need a lot of cleverness to just poke a sharp object under the glass and peel it off the screen. But this is far from the case.

It is worth seriously preparing for the process by purchasing the necessary list of tools:

  1. Plastic spatula.
  2. Lint-free napkin.
  3. Sucker.
  4. Glass surface cleaner (alcohol content is required).

Next, we follow a simple algorithm.

  1. First, we wash our hands and wipe them dry. If you are too lazy to do this, you can just put on gloves.
  2. If the glass is completely intact, then we attach a suction cup to it near any edge and press it well. If there are chips or other damage, it is worth looking for the best preserved area.
  3. Then we push the spatula between the screen and the glass in the place where the suction cup is glued and gently move it to the center of the display, simultaneously pulling the suction cup towards ourselves.
  4. As soon as the glass is about half peeled off, you can put the spatula aside and only act with the suction cup.
  5. After the glass has successfully peeled off, wipe the screen with a napkin dipped in a special solution and enjoy the native display of the iPhone.

How to remove the protective glass from iPhone

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