How to replace the power button with iPhone 4S and 4

Power button issues have been around since iPhone 4 and have not been fixed in 4S. The power button on the iPhone 4 gets stuck pretty quickly, and many users need to replace the power button with iPhone 4.

If this problem is relevant for you, then you can return the gadget to its normal state yourself by spending a little time and using our tips on how to replace the power button with an iPhone 4s. Self-repair is much cheaper than a new one iPhone.

Replacing the power button with iPhone 4S, 4

Reasons for on / off button failures

As a rule, a malfunction of the power button on the iPhone 4 can be caused by:

  • physical damage to the gadget;
  • ingress of moisture into the device;
  • sinking the button due to too strong pressing;
  • software malfunction without mechanical damage to the button itself.
replacing the power button on the iphone 4s

What is needed for repair

  • 5-point screwdriver for iPhone;
  • Phillips # 000 standard Phillips screwdriver;
  • Assembly spatula;
  • Tweezers;
  • Special blade for breaking the adhesive layer;
  • Tool for removing the SIM card.
  • Spare parts.
replacing the power button on the iphone 4

Changing the Power Button – Step by Step

Before starting work on replacing the power button on the iphone 4, make sure the device is turned off and disconnected from the charger.

Remove the back cover

Remove the mounting screws located next to the power inlet.

Pressing lightly with your fingers, slide the back of the phone up.

After the panel has moved about 2 mm, pull it towards you and remove. Do not use excessive force to keep the plastic clips intact.

how to replace the power button on an iPhone 4s

Remove the battery

We begin to remove the battery of the gadget by unscrewing the 2 Phillips screws that secure the cable to the motherboard.

After that, using a mounting spatula, disconnect the cable connecting the battery to the device. Please note – it comes out of the motherboard exactly vertically, it is held by 4 miniature solders. Pressing too hard on the battery can damage or even tear this wire.

Remove the battery by inserting a plastic spatula into the gap between the outer frame and the battery. Start from the bottom left corner of the phone. Then, peel the battery away from the case by moving the mounting paddle sequentially along the edge of the battery.

When the adhesive has loosened, gently pull on the “tab” and remove the battery.

Power button on iPhone 4

Disconnect the dock connector

The dock connector cable is attached to the motherboard with two Phillips screws of different lengths (1.5 and 1.2 mm). Unscrew them. Now remove the metal tab that holds the dock connector flex cable.

Use a plastic spudger to disconnect the ribbon cable from the motherboard connector, then destroy the adhesive that holds the external speaker and dock connector wires.

Replacing the power button with iPhone 4S, 4

Disconnect the antenna

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At this step of replacing the power button, you need to disconnect the antenna cable from the connector on the motherboard. Use a plastic spatula to free the antenna cable from the metal clips securing it.

Replacing the power button with iPhone 4S, 4

Remove the rear camera

First you need to remove the silver screen. To do this, remove the 4 Phillips screws. Each one has a different size (2.7mm, 2.6mm, 1.3mm and 1.2mm), be sure to remember where they were installed.

Using a mounting spatula, pry the screening plate over the upper edge, lift it up and then remove it completely.

The rear camera is now accessible. Be very careful not to damage other components, disconnect the cable that connects the camera to the motherboard. Then easily remove the camera. Do not lose the miniature rubber seal found on the camera. Be sure to put it back in place before reassembling.

When working with an iPhone camera, it is important not to lose or damage the plastic ring that surrounds the flash. It must be removed with tweezers or a special probe and removed to a safe place.

Replacing the power button with iPhone 4S, 4

Take out the SIM card

Open the sim card tray using a paper clip or special tool. Remove the tray and set it aside.

Replacing the power button with iPhone 4S, 4

Separate the ground

First, you need to disconnect the five connectors, and this must be done in a strictly defined order. First, disconnect the headphone cable and volume control, then the front camera cable. After that, we deal with the connectors of the sensor and display. To prevent these cables from breaking down, we remove them with extreme caution, easily bending back and simultaneously unscrewing the screws. Last on this list is the power button loop. It is hidden by the headphone cable and is located just below it.

To remove it, you need to unscrew the 1.5 mm Phillips screw, which is located near the headphone jack and holds the ground plate on the mainland.

Once this screw is unscrewed, you can easily remove the miniature ground connector from the motherboard using a plastic spatula.

Replacing the power button with iPhone 4S, 4

Disconnect the Wi-fi antenna

Next, you need to take a small flat screwdriver and use it to unscrew the small bracket, located near the headphone jack, and then disconnect the Wi-Fi antenna from the motherboard with a plastic spatula.

Replacing the power button with iPhone 4S, 4

Remove the motherboard

There is a screw near the power button, covered with a small piece of black tape. After peeling it off, unscrew the Phillips screw underneath. Be very careful not to pull out the grounding pin, which is installed in the exact same place under the board.

There is one other thing that needs your attention – there is a tiny rubber gasket under the sensor and display cables. Do not forget about it, otherwise it may slip under the motherboard and fall out of your field of vision.

Unscrew the screws that connect the motherboard to the case, and then use a flat screwdriver to unscrew the stand (3.6 mm) located near the battery. Starting at the speaker side, gently lift the motherboard up, gradually sliding it towards the bottom edge of the bezel.

Replacing the power button with iPhone 4S, 4

Take out the power button

The power button is held on the iPhone case by two Phillips screws. They need to be unscrewed, and then with tweezers it is easy to pull the button towards you. It will detach freely and you can replace it. There is one subtlety here – when installing a new button, check its orientation. Install the new part with the metal tab facing down.

Replacing the power button with iPhone 4S, 4

General advice

Try not to touch the parts with your bare hands. Fat marks on fingers can create contact problems after assembly.

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