How to repost in Instagram with iPhone

Instagram is a very popular social network all over the world. A huge number of famous and not so famous people use photographs to tell about their lives.

Almost everyone takes pictures:

  • walks and trips;
  • eating or coffee with friends;
  • children and pets;
  • hobbies and work.

How to repost in Instagram with iPhone

How to repost in Instagram with iPhone

The list can be endless, some photos are perplexing, but people like it, so every frame has the right to be. Successful pictures gain a lot of views, but the creators of the network do not provide for the function to share other people's photos with friends with a link to the author, or, more simply, how to repost on Instagram from an iPhone. Users use several ways to show really worthwhile photos to friends.

How to repost photos and videos in Instagram

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In the first version of the repost, a screenshot of the screen with the images you like and hashtags for the author is used. Usually it is cropped with additional applications and displayed from its page. But this is quite troublesome and time-consuming, so it is easier to download an additional program and use it.

Special programs created for this purpose can be downloaded from the AppStore. One of the most common is Repost for Instagram.

How to install and use the repost program

First you need to go to the AppStore and download the Repost for Instagram application. Then, after the download and installation is complete, open it and enter your authorization data in Instagram, login and password. Then you should perform a number of simple actions:

  • go to the social network and open the photo you want to share;
  • by clicking the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, select the Copy link command;

How to repost in Instagram with iPhone

  • reopen the installed utility by clicking the “Repost” button in the left corner;
  • the link you copied earlier has been added, click on it;
  • choose the template of the name of the owner of the photo you like and press “Repost”;
  • a pop-up window appears, after activation of which the “Share” menu opens;
  • choose from the offered “Instagram”.

How to repost in Instagram with iPhone

This utility is popular with users due to its ease of use and excellent results. There are additional functions in the program for reposting on Instagram for iPhone, it is not limited to reposting. The search for images, the location of the author's name on the photo and the choice of tone make using the software comfortable.

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