How to reset data from iPhone to computer

Users who actively use gadgets Apple are interested in how to transfer data from an iPhone to a computer so as not to lose it. The files that need to be saved are most often photos, books, music and videos. Transferring data from a smartphone to a PC solves two problems: it saves phone memory and ensures the safety of information. There are 4 ways to do this, we will consider them in the material.

How to transfer data from iPhone to computer

Copying Data Using iTunes

This is the first way to ensure that documents are copied to a computer and kept safe. With this utility, the question of how to transfer data from iPhone to computer is solved in several ways.

  • Creating a backup copy. In this case, you save the files and settings of the gadget, later having the opportunity to restore the system. This is done like this:
  1. open iTunes;
  2. go to 'Device parameters';
  3. click 'Create a backup', ticking the box 'On a computer'.
How to transfer data from iPhone to computer via USB cable
  • Data synchronization. It should be noted that when using this method, you save files, but if they are deleted on a computer or phone, they will also disappear on the second device. Follow the instructions to complete:
  1. download, install and open iTunes on your computer;
  2. connect the device via USB;
  3. log in to Apple ID;
  4. go to 'Options', section 'Overview' and open information about the device;
  5. then put a tick in front of the item 'Synchronize with this iPhone via Wi-Fi'.
Transferring data from iPhone to a PC using iTunes

After that, when connected to the Internet, the phone will automatically sync with the computer, and you will not lose files. But when you delete documents from iTunes, they will disappear with iPhone the next time you connect.

Copying data via iCloud

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Let's look at how to reset information from iPhone to computer via iCloud. In this case, you will transfer the files to the cloud storage, from where you can download them at the right time. This is done like this:

  1. open the 'Settings';
  2. go to iCloud;
  3. activate the function 'Backup', then 'Create a copy'.
Transferring data from iPhone using iCloud

The files will be copied to the cloud and can be restored at any time. You can also delete the backup.

ITools program

This utility is similar in function to iTunes, it works in a similar way. When using it you will need:

  1. connect your phone via USB to your computer;
  2. activate 'Backup';
  3. wait until the files are saved.
Data transfer to PC via iTools program


In addition to using the special features of the corporation Apple, you can move information to a PC by connecting a smartphone via a USB cable. When a connection is established iPhone it will be perceived by the computer as a drive. It will be possible to download files from the smartphone gallery.

how to transfer data from iPhone to computer

If you are interested in other ways, you can also use third-party programs. For example, download to a Google or Yandex.Disk gadget, upload all files to it and download them to your computer. But note that you can only copy photos, videos, text documents, but not system documents. You can copy information not only to a desktop device, but also transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.

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