How to restore WhatsApp correspondence on iPhone

Circumstances that differ due to their occurrence provoke a malfunction of the program or reset the account. You can recover the data by extracting it from the cloud archive. There are also other ways to restore WhatsApp correspondence.

Before applying the manipulations to restore the chat in WhatsApp, you should double-check the archive (if the program works). This is easy to do, you just need to:

  • Go to the correspondence.
  • Move the list down by pulling the beginning.
  • At this moment, the inscription Archive will appear on the top line. It can be seen above the information search form.
  • Check for data availability here. You may have accidentally archived the chat.

How to restore WhatsApp correspondence on iPhone

If it turns out that there is no data, you can 'pick up' all the information from iCloud. This can be done through several sequential steps:

  • Open the Settings section.
  • Go to iCloud.
  • Check if the account is enabled in the Cloud (pay attention to the sliders – they should be green).

How to restore WhatsApp correspondence on iPhone

  • Back in Settings, select the section with chats and calls.
  • Collect all correspondence from the cloud storage through the Copy directory.

How to restore WhatsApp correspondence on iPhone

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If you do not want to perform these actions yourself and want to create a continuous process that the gadget can deal with, the “Copy” command will help. Thus, the archives are updated automatically in the specified period, daily, weekly or monthly.

How to restore WhatsApp correspondence on iPhone

The task is greatly facilitated. And all the reserved information will be transported from iCloud. You can use it not only on the iPod, but also on other iOS – devices.

Transferring the archive of messages to a new gadget

To return the correspondence to a new gadget, you should:

  • Install WhatsApp.
  • Confirm your number to iPhone.
  • The system itself will offer to restore history. A simple click of the suggested Restore from Copy process will allow the gadget to get the data quickly and without interruptions. Unzipping occurs automatically.

How to restore WhatsApp correspondence on iPhone

Important! Do not forget to go to Settings again after that. This will allow you to back up a copy in the Cloud again, which in the future will become a reliable prevention of various unpleasant situations with data loss.

If you accidentally delete the correspondence, you can use the above recommendations. But before that you need to uninstall WhatsApp. The new WhatsApp download will download the saved data from the cloud.

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