How to scan a QR code at iPhone

iPhone never had much trouble with QR codes. However, in the past, the smartphone would not recognize them without an app. It was required to download and run special software. Now the situation has changed for the better – iOS 11 scans itself.

What are QR codes

QR codes contain phone numbers, coupons, URLs and email addresses. They are shortcuts that activate certain actions. QR is most common in Asian countries, but is gradually gaining popularity in the US and Europe.

How to scan a QR code at iPhone

Scan QR code via iPhone

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In order to recognize the QR code, you need to do a number of steps.

Follow the simple instructions:

  1. make sure iPhone is running iOS 11;
  2. launch the Camera and hover over the code;
  3. the image must be clear and in focus;
  4. hidden information will be displayed in the preview (for example, as a link);
  5. try increasing the QR if there is no preview;
  6. click on the picture to call the number, go to the site or send contacts by email.

How to scan a QR code at iPhone

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