How to set iOS 9 to iPhone 4

Of course, being the owner of a iPhone 4, which was released in 2010, I would like to install iOS 9 on it and see what a capable gadget it will be.

How to set iOS 9 to iPhone 4

Unfortunately, the answer will be unequivocally negative and non-negotiable. This smartphone model works at a maximum of iOS 7 and will not pull further, because already iOS 8 the specified iPhone does not accept, not to mention the new firmware.

The main reason for this is that at the time of the release of iPhone 4, the system iOS was built on 'skeuomorphism', 7.1.1 and 7.1.2, for example.

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Anyone who decides to buy a brand new Apple device should clearly understand that productive and comfortable use of the smartphone will occur in the first four years.

How to set iOS 9 to iPhone 4

In most cases, the system iOS is updated using an Internet connection, or rather via Wi-Fi or through the official iTunes app.

If you still try to update your favorite iPhone 4, then the maximum mark that the update can reach is version 7.1.2 and no more.

This firmware version also contains a lot of necessary, high-quality and irreplaceable programs that make the device work perfect and flawless. Most importantly, the phone is not a Chinese counterfeit and is a proud representative of the global manufacturer's lineup.

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