How to set up and connect Apple Pay

In Russia, banks support all major contactless payment services: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Most cash registers are already equipped with chips for accepting payments from customers' smartphones. In this article, we will tell you how to set up Apple Pay on an iPhone and what you can pay using this technology.

How to set up Apple Pay, connect, enable, install

What is Apple Pay

Before connecting Apple Pay on an iPhone, we'll tell you what it is. Apple Pay is a payment technology for mobile devices Apple and Mac computers. Payment can be contactless if you use iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and simplified on specialized sites. In this case, you do not need to constantly enter your bank card details. You only need to confirm the transaction.

how to set up apple pay

System requirements

The technology is available for iPhone 6 and up. On smartphones with indexes 5, 5c and 5s, you can add a card to Apple Pay, but you only have to pay for purchases in tandem with Apple Watch, since the phones do not have a chip NFC. But all Apple smartwatch models support the Apple payment system. In tablets iPad the technology starts working with versions mini3, iPad Air 2. Later models including iPad Pro also support Apple Pay. On Mac, the system is available for payment from 2012 and newer computers.

how to connect apple pay

Payment security

The chip NFC, due to its small range of 10 – 20 centimeters, does not allow to intercept the signal, and the dynamic payment confirmation codes do not contain information about the details. In addition, the owner's fingerprint or personal code is required to activate a transaction. All this makes contactless payments completely safe.

how to connect Apple Pay

Which banks support Apple Pay

At the moment, most Russian banks provide a service for linking their cards to an account Apple Pay. All information on how to set up Apple Pay on iPhone and link to a card account is on their official websites. If you have any questions, please contact the customer support hotline of the bank that issued the card.

how to set up Apple Pay

We connect and configure Apple Pay

Now let's talk about how to connect Apple Pay on the device. There is no need to download and install special applications.

To iPhone or iPad

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Add and link the card in the 'Wallet' program. Find 'Wallet' in the list of applications and launch it. To register you need to follow these steps:

  • Click the '+' icon.
apple pay how to enable
  • Take a photo of the card or enter the data manually.
  • If you already have a card linked to iTunes or App Store payments, you can leave the data blank.
install apple pay
  • Submit a verification request. The bank will send a confirmation code by SMS or e-mail, or request additional information.
  • Enter the code in the appropriate field.

To Apple Watch

Now about how to activate Apple Pay on a smart watch. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone or Mac.
  2. Go to 'My Watch'.
  3. Then 'Wallet & Apple Pay'.
  4. If the card is already connected to the system, then select it from the list.
  5. Otherwise, repeat the steps from the previous point.
add card to apple pay

On Mac and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

The next step is how to link the map to Apple Pay on a Mac computer. Algorithm of actions:

  • Run 'System Preferences'.
how to add a card to Apple Pay
  • Select 'Wallet & Apple Pay'.
how to set up apple pay on iphone
  • Enter the card details.
  • The bank will send a confirmation code by SMS or e-mail.
  • Once registered, Safari will allow you to make purchases using Touch ID.

If your computer does not have a Touch Bar, you can verify purchases on your Mac using your iPhone or iPad. To do this, enable the 'Allow payments on Mac' option in your mobile device settings.

Possible problems

As practice shows, problems with connection can arise only at the stage of verification of the request by the bank. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information on how to add a card to Apple Pay before connecting an account. In difficult cases, call the bank's customer support numbers.

how to set up an Apple drink on an iPhone

How to use Apple Pay

So, you have activated on your smartphone Apple Pay, we figured out how to enable support for your card too. Now let's try to pay. Select in the smartphone application or Apple Watch the card from which the payment will be made and bring the device to the terminal. For large purchases, you may need to enter a pin code. For online payments in compatible services, click on the special button with the icon Apple Pay and confirm the payment using Touch ID or Face ID.

It is not difficult to figure out how to install Apple Pay and set up card payment in iPhone. The reviews of active users of this technology note convenience, absence of payment problems and good security of payments. In addition, discounts are provided for buyers using Apple Pay on a number of sites. So this technology has many advantages.

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