How to set up iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8

The new device must be configured before use. The stores Apple will offer you to help with the initial setup for an additional fee, but do not rush to part with the money. The procedure is simple and you can do it yourself. In this article, we will talk about how to set up iPhone 6, how to transfer your data, and how to install the necessary applications. The initial steps are the same for all smartphones Apple, so there is no difference between how to set up iPhone se and how to set up iPhone 8 after purchase.

How to set up iPhone after purchase, from scratch, on first use

If you haven't had iPhone before

If this is the first smartphone of the company for you Apple, then you need to start by creating an account Apple ID. This account will allow you to register with numerous applications and services Apple. Before setting up your new iPhone 6 from scratch, insert your SIM card and turn on your phone. After the greeting, the setup wizard will ask you to select your country of residence and language, and then will offer to connect to available Wi-Fi networks. After that, select the item “Configure as new iPhone” and start creating Apple ID.

how to set up an iPhone 6

Create Apple ID

Click on the text “No Apple ID or forgot it?” and follow the instructions on the screen. The email address you specified will be used as an identifier. Here you can also create a new address in iCloud and specify it during registration. You will need to come up with a password, indicate your date of birth, and select three security questions to recover your password. A letter with a six-digit code is sent to the specified mailbox, which must be entered for the final activation of the account.

customize iphone se

How to transfer letters, contacts and calendars to your iPhone 6 (for beginners)

The easiest way to synchronize is for users with accounts of popular systems: Gmail (Google – account), Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, as well as a number of others. It is enough in iPhone to go to the mail settings (“Settings” – “Mail, addresses, calendars”) and select the appropriate service. After filling in the details for accessing the account, the user configures the available elements for the transfer. For example, Gmail can sync mail messages, contacts, notes, and calendars.

customize iphone 5s

If you have a push-button “dialer”, then we recommend saving contacts from the phone book of the device to a SIM card. After installing it on a new smartphone, go to the settings (“Mail, addresses, calendars”) and import contacts from the SIM card to iPhone. You can also export contacts to a vCard file on your computer, and then import the list into the iCloud service. After syncing your smartphone with iCloud, your old contacts will appear on your iPhone.

Modern mail systems store all letters and messages on the server, so to get access to mail, it is enough to register the settings of the main server in the mail client iPhone. For a number of systems (Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail and others), the mail client Apple will automatically pull up their settings after entering the username and password. If the mail you are using is missing, then go to the service provider's website and transfer the settings specified there to the corresponding fields of the “Mail” program configuration.

how to set up iPhone 8 after purchase

How to transfer music, movies and photos to your new iPhone

In order not to part with your favorite music and have access to photos and videos on your new iPhone, transfer content using iTunes. Transfer the files to your computer and add them to the service's media library. After connecting the iPhone to the PC, you will have the option of recording music and movies to the device.

how to set up a new iPhone 6 from scratch

How to transfer to a new iPhone favorite applications from an old device

You cannot directly copy programs, because iPhone runs under iOS. You need to find similar applications in the store App Store and install on the device. Popular applications have versions for both operating systems, so this will not be a problem. Moreover, a number of programs are synchronized with your cloud account, so when you switch to iOS you will not lose anything – all information (for example, about fitness activity) will be updated the first time you launch the application.

how to set up iPhone 6s when you turn it on for the first time

Set up iMessage and FaceTime

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pros to ship first Apple ready to start production iPhone 12

iMessage is an internet messenger Apple. Allows the owners of the company's gadgets to communicate without installing third-party programs. To activate the service in the iPhone settings, go to the “Messages” item, turn on iMessage and enter your Apple ID.

FaceTime is a free software for audio and video calls between devices Apple over the Internet. To make calls, you need to create an account. To do this, go to your phone settings, select FaceTime and enter Apple ID to create an account in the application. After that, you will have access to Internet telephony with those contacts from your phone book, for whom FaceTime is activated on the device.

how to set up iPhone se when you turn it on for the first time

How do I get to grips with the basics iOS 8?

After you've managed to set up your iPhone 5s (well, or any other model), start exploring its capabilities. It is better to start your acquaintance by studying the “Tips” program, which is present on every new device “out of the box” (there is a yellow light on the application icon). The program will answer most of the questions that beginners have.

how to set up a new iPhone 5s from scratch

If you already had iPhone

It is much easier to set up your smartphone if you have replaced the old model iPhone with a more modern one. When switching from iPhones, starting with the fourth model, all actions for transferring information have been simplified. For example, here's how to set up your iPhone 6s when you first turn it on.

Creating a backup from an old device

Back up your old device first. All information saved in this case will be transferred and installed on the new device. This can be done locally using iTunes, or using the iCloud cloud.

how to set up iPhone 8 when you first turn it on

How to make a backup (backup) iPhone using iTunes

Connect your old phone to your computer and open iTunes. On the 'Browse' tab in the 'Backups' section, select the “This computer” item as the location where the backup file will be saved. To start, click the “Create a copy now” button. Upon completion of the process, the backup will be saved to your hard drive.

how to set up an iPhone ce

How to make a backup iPhone using iCloud

An iCloud backup is made automatically once a day (if the phone has Wi-Fi access and free space in the cloud). This is not a complete copy iPhone, but only part of the information: system settings, accounts, photos and documents. The configuration and data of the HomeKit and Health applications are also copied. If apart from this information you do not need anything else, then just check the date of the last synchronization in the iCloud settings in the “Backup” item. If it does not suit you, then update the backup copy from the same window.

how to set up an iPhone manually

How to set up your new iPhone 6/6 Plus (initial setup)

After the backup from your old device is complete, proceed to set up your new phone. Install the sim card and turn on the iPhone. In the setup wizard, go to the Setup iPhone screen. In the list we are interested in the items “Recover from iCloud copy” and “Recover from iTunes copy”. Depending on the service in which you made the backup, select the desired item.

how to set up iphone 6/6 plus initial setup

How to restore settings on new iPhone from iTunes

To restore from a copy saved on a PC, connect the phone to the computer and on the same tab where you created the backup, click on the “Restore from copy” button. Do not disconnect the iPhone from the computer immediately after restoring and restarting the gadget. This was the first part of the recovery – setting up system settings and transferring programs. Then iTunes will continue to copy the rest of the information: music, photos, and more.

how to set up a new iPhone 8 from scratch

How to restore settings on a new iPhone from iCloud

It is even easier to recover your data with iCloud. After selecting the appropriate item on the smartphone screen, enter Apple ID with the account password and in the list of available files, click on the copy from which you want to recover. After copying the information, the smartphone will reboot.

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