How to set up iPhone 8 Plus

To make the settings for the new iPhone 8 Plus, you need to press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds, it is located at the top of the screen on the right. As soon as it is turned on, the screen will light up. Next, an inscription will appear, you need to slide your finger over it, the iPhone will show several parameters. Here you need to select the desired language, set the name of the country in which the gadget will work. You will also need to connect Wi-Fi, location services (if needed).

How to set up iPhone 8 Plus

You will also need to transfer your email, contacts to the iPhone 8 plus. When using Gmail, POP, IMAP account to use the mail service, it will be synchronized with the main server.

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The accounting is also configured manually (optional):

  • IMAP, POP – for mail;
  • CardDAV, LDAP – for contact information;
  • CalDAV – calendars.

Synchronization of music, movies, photos for transferring to iPhone from PC is possible using iTunes via PC or Mac. If you have not previously used an iPhone, you need to get data from this device on a PC or iTunes, connect iPhone 8 Plus to a PC, open aytyuns, select your phone. Next, select the movies, music that you want to sync.

Synchronizing photos with iPhone 8 Plus allows you to add them to the Photos folder on your Mac or computer.

Importing contacts from the old gadget to the new iPhone 8 plus is carried out by copying all contacts to the nano-SIM card, to the old phone. After setting up your new iPhone, you can copy them by replacing the SIM card of the new iPhone with an old nano SIM card. To do this, select 'Settings' – 'Mail'-Contacts' – 'Calendars' – 'Import SIM contacts'. After the import is complete, the SIM card is removed. If the SIM card of the old phone does not fit the new iPhone, you need to import the contact information via PC and USB cable.

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