How to set up mail to iPhone

The emergence of smart technology obliges owners to use all its capabilities to the maximum. The variety of various applications allows you to do not only without paper media (for example, a diary), but even exclude the possibility of using a browser. Setting up mail to iPhone is not difficult, but it requires care.

How to set up mail to iPhone

Automatic mail setup to iPhone

Synchronizing mail for gmail, yahoo, outlook, aol, exchange mailboxes for a user iPhone is an easy procedure, since they are all used by their own or friendly resources. A mail client is already built into the operating system of the phone, which will not use manual input of settings, but will automatically pull up all the necessary data.

How to set up mail to iPhone

Even when you open the settings, you can see that the above mailers are highlighted separately.

Setting up any mailbox to iPhone, including setting up gmail mail to iPhone, starts with 'Settings' => 'Mail' => 'Accounts'. You need to click 'Add account' and select the required mailbox At this stage, you will need a username, an e-mail address, a password from it and a description of the mailbox.

How to set up mail to iPhone

After all the data has been entered, click 'Next', the mailbox will be connected automatically. Setting up Russian-language mail servers is done in a similar way.

Automatic mail setup to iPad

To synchronize an e-mail box in automatic mode on other devices, the scenario is different from the previous one.

If the email is synchronized on iPad, then the next step will require entering the phone number for this gadget. The phone must support 3G. You will also need a cellular data system number. You can find it out by going to the 'Settings' section of your mail service. The information will be in the 'General' tab => 'Details' => 'Cellular data transmission system number'.

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Then you need to choose a service provider. If the communication provider is not indicated in the list, you will need to send a link to your e-mail box, which is tied to a phone number.

After following the link, you will need to click the 'Install' button. If the phone is protected by a code, you must enter it during installation.

After that, you need to enter the password for the email box. Then 'Confirmed' appears and you can click on 'Finish'.

Additional mail settings

To use the e-mail box as comfortable as possible, after installation, you can continue to configure the program. The Mailbox Behavior section can be used to map folders in a mailbox to iPhone folders on the server. The section 'Where to move unwanted messages' will allow you to create a move to the Trash or Archive folder. In order not to clog the e-mail box with deleted messages, you can ensure their complete destruction after a selected period of time.

It is best if messages are sent over a secure protocol. This will require enabling SSL. In addition to password authentication, you can also use NTLM, MD5 Challenge response, HTTP MD5 Digest.

Additionally, you can synchronize the server port, path prefix and encryption standard. After securing the last option, all messages will be sent encrypted, so the recipient must have a digital certificate.

How to delete an email account

To delete e-mail from the phone, you need to use the same algorithm as with the synchronization of the mailbox. That is, log in through 'Settings' => 'Mail' => 'Accounts'. After selecting the entry you need to delete, you need to click on it. Going to the next window, click 'Delete account' => 'Delete from iPhone'.

After receiving confirmation, the entry will be deleted from the phone, messages will stop coming.

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