How to sign out of iCloud on iPhone

Often, smartphone users from Apple face the need to log out of their own iCloud account, for example, for the following common reasons:

  • change of smartphone owner iPhone;
  • the need to switch to another profile Apple ID;
  • the need to return the mobile device to a service center.

You can exit the cloud by deleting or preserving existing data. It is important to know that when the function of synchronizing programs with the cloud is enabled on the phone, existing files from programs will remain in the cloud without changes.

ICloud sign out process:

  • go to the settings section on iOS;
  • go to the item Apple ID at the top of the screen, where the name and surname of the owner are indicated;
    How to sign out of iCloud on iPhone
  • at this point, the user must press the exit button.
    How to sign out of iCloud on iPhone

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When you click the Exit button, you will be presented with three options:

  1. Leave the account and application profile of the store – in this case, the device is unlinked from the iCloud account, with the saving or erasing of files if the owner wishes. It will also exit the rest of the services.
  2. Exit the store – exclusively leaving the electronic version of stores.
  3. Sign out of the iCloud cloud – will allow you to unlink the phone from the account, deleting or saving the necessary information.

The user will need to select the desired method and enter the secret password to turn off the function on the smartphone and press the exit button.

In the case of saving files, you must specify exactly those that need to be copied.

In this way, the owner iPhone will complete the procedure for signing out of iCloud and will be able to create a new account.

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