How to speed up internet by iPhone

How to speed up internet by iPhone
I do not know the situation in other large cities of Russia, but in Moscow the speed of mobile Internet is decreasing from year to year. Moreover, it does not depend on telecom operators or tariffs.

If three years ago it was possible to talk on skype on the street, now it is not even always possible to load a web page. The 3G icon in the status bar iPhone has become a decoration. In fact, GPRS worked faster. Why this happens is generally understandable. There are more people with mobile phones and they started talking more often. In addition, many began to use the Internet. Telecom operators primarily provide voice communications, while the Internet operates on a leftover basis. This is especially noticeable in the center, where there is a high density of people. Even Yandex.Maps doesn't work there. But there is one easy way to speed up the internet for a while at iPhone. You do not need to install special programs for this. It is enough to use the standard phone settings.

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So, if the internet is really bad, I recommend doing so.

Open the Settings app and turn on Airplane Mode for a few seconds. Then turn off. When the phone registers to the cellular network, try using the Internet again.

How to speed up internet by iPhone How to speed up internet by iPhone

It usually gets better. This action is the same as reconnecting to the cellular network. And apparently, the fact is that the operator gives a higher priority to a new client. True, it does not last long, after a few minutes the speed drops to its previous indicators. But this somehow beats off the unlimited tariff for the Internet 🙂

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