How to take a screenshot on iPhone X

take a screenshot from iphone x

iPhone X was the first model from Apple with an updated design. The smartphone received an extended screen, minimal bezels and no Home button. This decision was met with controversy by users. The large screen is a plus, but some actions without a physical key were not available. So, the question arises, how to take a screenshot on the iPhone X?

Using the buttons

The functions of the Home button were partially transferred to the side keys or were compensated by commands on the sensor. Now the following algorithm of actions has been developed, how to take a screenshot on an iPhone 10:

  • press the side power button;
  • press the volume up key;
  • release at the same time.

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After this gesture, the smartphone screen will turn white for a split second, then the sound of the shutter release will sound on the camera. The snapshot will be displayed in the lower left corner of the display, open it for editing or sending. The file will be saved in the 'Photos' folder.

screenshot on iphone x with home button

True, tests have shown that it is better to press the volume up button with a short delay, otherwise the screenshot may not work. And while holding the keys, turn on the voice assistant Siri.

With AssistiveTouch

The AssistiveTouch feature was recently introduced in iOS. The extension allows you to display a touch button that performs various actions on the screen. Instructions on how to take screenshots on iPhone X using AssistiveTouch:

  1. Go to 'Settings' → 'Online' → 'Accessibility'. Screenshot with AssistiveTouch
  2. Click on 'AssistiveTouch'.
  3. In the Configure Actions section, drag the switch to active mode.
  4. Choose '3D Touch', it is much better to take screenshots than one tap or two taps.
  5. A window will open with different items, choose 'Screenshot'.

Now when you press the touch button hard, you get a screenshot. The only drawback of AssistiveTouch is the inconvenience of positioning the touch button on the screen. It gets into the screenshot itself and interferes with reading. But this rarely happens, the extension does an excellent job with the tasks.

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