How to turn flash on or off when calling iPhone

How to enable / disable flash when calling to iPhone

The company Apple is known for its special attitude towards people with disabilities and tries in every possible way to adapt its devices and their functions to the corresponding restrictions. Oddly enough, some of the accessibility features designed for people with disabilities will not be superfluous and healthy owners of iPhone and iPad. Many people like the visual notification of an incoming call or message in the form of blinking when calling on an iPhone. How to turn on the flash on iPhone when you call, we will tell you today.

By default, included in iPhone is accompanied by a polyphonic melody and vibration created by a tiny vibration motor built into the smartphone. Users can set their own ringtone and even set an individual vibration to the contact in iPhone. In most cases this is enough, but you can also stand out. You can add another type of notification about an incoming call in just a minute with a few actions.

How to turn flash on or off when calling on iPhone:

  1. on the desktop iPhone open Settings;
  2. go to the Basic section;
    How to turn flash on / off when calling iPhone - step 1,2
  3. click on the Universal access item;
  4. scroll down and find the Hearing section;
    How to turn flash on / off when calling iPhone - step 3,4
  5. click on Flash alerts;
  6. move the slider to on or off.
    How to enable / disable flash on call to iPhone - step 5.6

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It turns out that everything is so simple, a few familiar movements in the right direction and, in addition to sound and vibration indication when you call, you also have a visual one at your disposal.

We draw your attention to the fact that the blinking of the flash when calling on the iPhone will occur only if the screen iPhone is locked. If the smartphone is unlocked (the “Home” screen “is on”), the flashlight will not pulsate with an incoming call, and why, if a corresponding notification is displayed on the screen itself. As you can see, even this minor feature is thought out to the smallest detail, allowing you to save battery power.

By the way, when the “Flash Alerts” function is activated, the flash is turned on for notifications on the iPhone, including incoming SMS messages, which will also be indicated by flash signals.

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