How to turn off iPhone 6 and 6 SE

To put iPhone into storage, save battery power or save evidence of damage to technology, you should figure out how to turn off your iPhone 6. It's easy to do, but since a button or screen may not work, you will need to use additional services.

How to turn off iPhone 6, 6 S forcibly

Standard shutdown

How to turn off an iPhone 6, which is functional and free from defects, is described in the user manual. In this case, you need:

  1. hold down the power button, which is located at iPhone 6 on the right side of the case.
  2. after two or three seconds, a window will appear in which the corresponding slider is moved to the right side to disable it.
how to turn off iPhone 6

The question of how to turn off the iPhone 6S can be answered in the same way, since structurally these two smartphones do not differ in any way. Although in previous models, the lock button is at the top, this must be taken into account before turning off the iPhone. If there are problems with the button or the screen, you need to turn it off forcibly using a different procedure, which takes a little more time.

how to turn off iPhone 6

Disconnection via the Settings menu

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In addition to the standard method, which involves using a button, you can turn off the iPhone in another way. This is done using the functionality available in the settings menu. For this you need:

  1. go to the settings menu;
  2. go to the “General” section and scroll the menu to the end;
  3. click on the “Turn off” button;
  4. a new screen will pop up, where the slider to put the phone in an inactive state will be displayed.
how to turn off iPhone 6s

Via Assistive Touch

If the lock button on the phone does not work, it is also the off key, the Assistive Touch function will come in handy. It involves calling a virtual key on the screen that allows you to use the functions available by pressing physical keys. To activate the feature:

  • go to the settings menu;
  • select the section “Basic”;
  • go to the “Universal Access” column, there is a whole set of “Interaction” functions;
how to turn off iphone 6s
  • find the “Assistive Touch” parameter;
how to turn off iPhone ce
  • translate the slider, it will light up white;
how to forcibly turn off iPhone 6
  • a white button on a black background will appear on the screen;
  • by clicking on it, a pop-up menu will be shown, but the shutdown function is not displayed in it;
how to turn off iPhone ce
  • to call the page with the shutdown slider, press the virtual button and go to the “Apparatus” section;
  • hold down the “Screen lock” item, after a few seconds of holding your finger, you can turn off the iPhone.

Shutdown without screen

If all the buttons on the phone work, but, on the contrary, the screen has stopped working, this will require knowledge of how to turn off the iPhone if the screen does not work. For this:

  1. Simultaneously, the lock key and the Home button (center round key) are clamped and held. You should hold them for a few seconds.
  2. After that the screen will turn off and a logo Apple will appear on it, and the phone will turn on soon.
How to turn off iPhone 6, 6 S forcibly

Many people ask how to turn off an iPhone 6 s without the screen. But this is not possible, and only a forced reboot will have to be enabled. If you only need to deprive the phone of power by completely turning it off, you should wait until the battery is completely discharged. This can take several days in standby mode. Therefore, if at least part of the screen is working, you should try to turn on a resource-intensive application that uses a lot of smartphone energy.

How to turn off iPhone 6, 6 S forcibly


In an emergency, you should know how to forcibly turn off your iPhone 6. This is possible using the lock key. After holding, move the slider towards off. If the button doesn't work, you can use Assistive Touch or the Settings menu. If the screen is not working, you can only forcibly restart the smartphone, or wait until the battery is completely discharged, leading to the device shutdown.

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