How to turn off Siri on iPhone 6?

Voice assistant Apple – Siri, appeared relatively long ago. The first phone to talk to was iPhone 4S. Unfortunately, the assistant is not very smart and rarely really helps the user. It is mainly used for entertainment.

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The initial configuration of Siri occurs when setting up a new phone or after resetting an old one to factory settings. People who meet with an assistant for the first time usually do not skip this step in order to later enjoy a pleasant female voice from the speakers of their device. But, after a while, he gets bored, and users are looking for a way to turn it off so that Siri does not accidentally start up in awkward moments.

Using the example iPhone 6, we will understand in detail how to do this.

  1. Like most options, the parameters Siri are found in the Settings app. We go into it and look for a menu item called 'Siri and Search'.
  2. How to turn off Siri on iPhone 6?

  3. Here we are interested in the first three radio buttons at the top of the page. To completely disable the assistant, you must turn off everything. After that, Siri will never turn on without the desire of the owner of the phone. How to turn off Siri on iPhone 6?

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