How to turn on the flashlight on iPhone?

To buy a smartphone for 50-80 thousand rubles in order to illuminate yourself in the entrance seems to be a funny, but far from absurd situation. A person is spoiled by comfort, he is used to the fact that the blessings of humanity fit in his pocket. Therefore, instructions on how to turn on a flashlight on an iPhone will find a reader.

The camera in the iPhone is used both for its direct purpose and as a flashlight. In gadgets from Apple this function appeared only in iOS 7, in previous versions you had to download special utilities.

How to turn on the flashlight on iPhone?

turn on the flashlight to iPhone

The company's product Apple is considered a progressive and fashionable digital technology in the world. Buying an iPhone, the user gets a device that supports possible technologies. But Apple engineers do not forget about the earthly needs of man, therefore, there are still related roots between iPhone and the good old Nokia brick.

Through the Control Center

The easiest way to understand how to turn on the flashlight on an iPhone is through the 'Control Center'. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, iOS 12 down from the top right screen. In the window that appears, find the icon with the image of a flashlight and click on it.

This instruction is suitable for smartphones older than 4th generation. In iPhones 6S and above, users have the ability to adjust the intensity of the glow. To do this, press the icon with force until a menu with three modes appears:

  1. 'Bright light'.
  2. 'Medium light'.
  3. 'Weak light'.

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A convenient option for different times of day and premises.

Third party application

Flashlight is a free application that enables flashlight functions. When downloading, an icon will appear on the desktop, which, if necessary, just click once. Compared to the standard program, there are bonuses:

  1. The developers have provided an emergency call for rescue services.
  2. Morse code programmed.
  3. Different brightness modes.

Why bother yourself with unnecessary body movements with pressing buttons or a touch screen, when everything has already been invented and implemented. Then, how to turn off the flashlight on iPhone, you can use the voice assistant Siri. Tell your smartphone that you want to shine in the dark, and the application will instantly execute the command.

Via video shooting mode

The method also has a right to exist. To turn on the flashlight on the iPhone, go to the 'video' mode, not the 'photo' mode. Open 'Control Center' → turn on 'Video recording' → tap the 'Lightning' icon → then 'On'.

How do I turn off the flashlight on iPhone?

How to turn off the flashlight on iPhone

The backlight turns off the same way it turns on. How to turn off a flashlight on an iPhone through the 'Control Center': go to the menu, click on the flashlight icon. In off mode, the icon will turn gray. For iOS 7, this method is also relevant: press the 'Home' button, the locked screen will come out, the camera icon is located below, press it once. True, this method is considered a glitch in the OS, not a planned feature.

Why does the flashlight not turn on

It's a shame if the flashlight fails at a crucial moment: when entering a dark staircase or in a minibus, when change is scattered around the cabin. 3 reasons why the backlight won't turn on:

  1. Water has entered the body of the smartphone.
  2. The gadget has fallen, internal components are damaged.
  3. Software malfunctions, use of an unlicensed OS.

The last problem can be easily fixed by downloading the official version iOS, or updating to a newer software.

Why does the flashlight not turn on

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