How to turn on the radio on iPhone

There have never been any special FM receivers installed in iPhones. The reasons for this decision are unknown – perhaps the engineers Apple found such a feature unfashionable, or there was simply nowhere to insert an additional microcircuit. But radio fans shouldn't be upset – we will tell you how to turn on the radio on iPhone 5s and other models and not change your favorite habit. The article discusses special FM receivers that connect to a smartphone, as well as applications that allow you to listen to radio stations over the Internet.

How to turn on the radio on iPhone 5S, 6, 7

Third party gadgets

First, how to turn on the radio on iPhone 6, so as not to waste Internet traffic listening to music through multimedia applications. Use dedicated FM devices for this purpose. A number of manufacturers quickly took advantage of the lack of a radio chip in iPhones and released adapters compatible with devices Apple. Such gadgets are connected via the Lightning connector and are powered through it from the smartphone battery. As a rule, such FM stereo receivers have a 3.5 mm headphone jack and are controlled via an application that is set to iPhone. The price for such adapters starts from 300-400 rubles for the Chinese noname, and the most popular FM-receiver Allputer iFM can be purchased for 2500.

how to turn on the radio on iPhone 5s

Special programs

If you do not want to connect additional devices to your smartphone, then you can use Internet radio for iPhone to listen to radio stations. But before turning on the radio on the iPhone 7, let's calculate the amount of Internet traffic that is spent on listening to streaming radio broadcasts. When using a WiFi network, such knowledge is not needed, but for the mobile Internet, such an assessment will not hurt. Stations that broadcast in the most common format of 128 kbps will consume 56 MB of Internet traffic per hour. Thus, a volume of 1 GB will 'go away' in 18 hours of continuous music playback. Accordingly, for stations with a bitrate of 256 kBit, similar traffic will be consumed in 9 hours. Make sure that these volumes are covered by the tariff plan. Well, now let's go directly to the applications that allow you to find and listen to radio stations on the Internet.

how to turn on the radio on an iPhone 6

Radio in Apple Music

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Let's start with the capabilities built into iOS. Radio access is provided by Apple Music. You will need to subscribe to a paid subscription, which includes access to listening to radio stations. After that, the 'Radio' tab will become available in the 'Music' program with a choice of radio stations to listen to and the ability to save tracks sounding on the radio to the library.

how to turn on the radio on iPhone 7


Let's move on to free apps. Radio is considered one of the most popular and user-friendly applications. In addition, there is no advertisement in it. More than ten thousand radio stations are available, divided by genres and directions. The application analyzes your preferences and offers content according to your preferences. It is possible to create a playlist and connect any additional radio station from the Internet. Alarm and timer functions are available. As already mentioned, the program is free, and two purchases available in the application are the connection of the RadioPlus song recognition service and a functional player with an equalizer.

how to turn on the radio on an iphone se


This program has a slightly lower rating on the AppStore, but in terms of functionality it does not lag behind Radio. More than ten thousand radio stations, user-friendly interface and many features. You can search for songs that sound on the air, configure the playback mode for each station, add a song you like to your personal playlist. The sleep timer can be activated at an additional cost. There are no ads in the app.

how to turn on the radio on iPhone 6s

TuneIn Radio

The main difference between the application is the number of radio stations. There are more than one hundred thousand of them. In addition to them, the program contains 4 million podcasts from all over the world. A clear division by genre and direction makes it easy to find radio stations according to your preferences.

how to turn on the radio on iPhone 4s

You can subscribe to podcasts or stations to see their posts in your feed. It is possible to connect a Premium subscription, which allows you to record the tracks being played and turns off ads in the application.

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