How to unblock Apple ID on iPhone

Few people know how to unblock Apple Id on an iPhone, since not everyone has faced restrictions on access to an account. If the owner of a mobile device (phone or tablet) suddenly finds that it is impossible to use the gadget, he has to urgently solve the difficulties that have arisen. It is important to understand the reason: why they blocked id on the iPhone, what to do to restore access – depends on the motives of Apple's customer service.

How to unblock an account on iPhone Apple ID 6, 5S, 4

For example, you need to unblock your iPhone 5s account. Why security personnel Apple could block access to the service? There are several reasons for this.

Suspicious actions of the owner

This is one of the reasons why the Apple ID might be blocked by the security service. Apple closely monitor the ongoing changes to all customer accounts in automatic mode. Account changes are viewed on released mobile devices. Therefore, if it is found that the actions of the owner do not inspire confidence, then the Apple employees have the right to impose restrictions on access to his account – to block it temporarily or permanently. For this purpose, special scripts were written that analyze the behavior of users on the network.

how to unblock the apple id on an iphone

Examples of 'strange' activity that could block Apple ID:

  • Account settings change frequently.
how to unblock an account on an iPhone 6

When activating the gadget Apple, it is recommended to enter the data that will not change – login (a combination of letters and numbers), password, email address, standard security questions.

  • You should not try to often demand a refund for movies, applications, music purchased in the online store Apple.

Experts may well suspect that the mobile device has been stolen, and strangers are trying to withdraw the maximum amount of funds from the account. The same will apply to other payment systems. It is recommended to pay only with one or two bank cards or electronic wallets. If you regularly change the information of outgoing shipments (details), it will look too strange and suspicious.

unblock account on iphone 5s
  • The biggest difficulties often arise with the owners of 'shared accounts'.

Some device owners Apple use an unusual type of regular income: they provide access to a mobile device to others. These customers of the company often change their account credentials and this is monitored by security personnel. It is believed that this type of activity amounts to fraud.

how to unlock apple id on iphone 6

Incorrect password entered

Account Apple ID can be blocked when the user could not remember the password and entered the wrong code several times. The system automatically blocks the ID in connection with the current algorithm to prevent account hacking. In this case, the owner will be informed for how long it will be blocked. To reset the password, you need to log into the service and use it to reset the old password, set a new one.

It is important to understand that for this you need to know the login, which by default is the user's email address. If, for some reason, it is not possible to access the registration e-mail, then you will have to contact the support service Apple. The staff will help you unblock (Ida's) account.

how to unlock apple id on iphone 5s

Returning content, purchased programs

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If a user after purchasing software often returns it, which is allowed by the store Apple, then administrators can blacklist him as a dubious customer. In this case, it is not easy to restore access to the account Apple ID.

how to unblock an account on an iPhone 4

Public accounts

The company Apple is actively fighting scammers. A number of users purchase content: music, movies and applications, and then provide access to their own account to third parties, while receiving money for entry. But the security service, detecting such activity, can suspend access to the personal account of an unscrupulous user.

Since unlocking an account on an iPhone 4s or other model is difficult in this case, it is recommended that you do not use 'shared' accounts.

blocked id on iPhone what to do

Activation lock

If you erase your data and don't sign out of iCloud first, your device is protected by Activation Lock. To remove the lock, you need to enter the same identifier Apple ID and password that were used when setting up the device. If you go to the iCloud menu, the 'Find iPhone' option will be available.

how to unblock id on iphone

When activated, the following opportunities will open:

  • Finding a smartphone – all you need to do is go to the service from another phone or computer and make the lost iPhone continuously play sound signals. In this case, even if the Silent mode is turned on, a squeak will be heard from the speaker.
  • Activation of “Lost Mode” – when this option is selected, the person who found the iPhone will receive a message with the owner's contact details. If the attacker decides to bypass account blocking and restore access using the service Apple, a request will come to verify the owner's personal data, in parallel with this, the account will be blocked.
  • Help: the same will happen in the operating mode of the mobile device Apple – after each update, as well as resetting data and settings, or after the recovery procedure.
how to unlock on iphone apple id

Is it possible to bypass the blocking. All existing ways

It is problematic to restore the lost access to the account Apple ID, effective methods can work on old, discontinued models. If we are talking about iPhone 10, 8, then without contacting the service center Apple or the owner of the gadget, you will not be able to access your personal account. At the same time, you need to understand that the support staff will meet the user halfway only if he is able to prove the rights to the smartphone: documents, passport.

How to unlock ID on iPhone 5s

The only really working method of unlocking is contacting companies that are engaged in hacking (unlocking) mobile devices. But the prices for such services will make recovery unprofitable, and the functionality of the iPhone may become severely limited.

how to unlock an iPhone via an apple id

Prevention methods

To make it difficult for attackers to unblock the account Apple ID on a stolen phone, a number of steps are required. What do we have to do:

  • Use different methods of unlocking the screen so that strangers cannot open the gadget menu.
  • Set a complex password – at least 8 digits.
how to unblock apple id on iphone 5s

It is important that small and large letters and numbers are present. The code should not contain meaningful words or parts of phrases, otherwise crackers will be able to guess the password using the “By dictionary” method.

  • To be more confident, you should change your password periodically, for example, once a month.
  • Do not save any codes in the temporary memory of your phone, browser or applications. We recommend that you write it down on paper and leave it in a safe place.
  • You cannot give passwords to strangers, change protection settings according to the recommendations of other users.
how to unblock apple id on iphone 5s

It is important to use a set of security measures, without which a lost or forgotten device can be easily hacked. Since unlocking an account on the iPhone 6 is difficult, the owner does not have to worry about losing the gadget. Without hacking the software using additional devices (a computer or programmer that are difficult to buy), you will not be able to access it.

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