How to unblock iPhone

All the time that the company's gadgets Apple are on the market, they stand out with an excellent level of protection. A competent user can easily protect all their data on the phone with just a few steps. At the same time, there are no ways at all to somehow bypass the lock of the apple device without losing all data. Let's take a closer look at the example iPhone 6 how to protect it and, accordingly, unblock it.

There are several options for protecting your gadget. For the first time, the user is offered to put it at the stage of phone activation.

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This is a Touch ID + password, if the scanner could not recognize the finger, just a password consisting of four or six digits, a code of numbers and letters, and a code of arbitrary length. You can leave your phone unprotected at all, but then anyone who gets into the hands of the device can access your data.

Setting Touch ID + password to iPhone

So, if for some reason you did not install protection when activating the device, first we will figure out how to install it.

  1. To do this, we need to go to the 'Settings' application and find an item called 'Touch ID and passcode'.
  2. How to unblock iPhone

  3. Next, we move to the line 'Include password code'.
  4. How to unblock iPhone

  5. By default, you are prompted to enter a password of 6 numbers. To change the format, click on 'Passcode Options' and select the most preferred option. Then we come up with a well-remembered combination and enter it, after which we repeat.
  6. How to unblock iPhone

  7. It is also worth protecting yourself with a fingerprint. To do this, set the switch to the 'Active' position opposite the 'Unlock iPhone' item.
  8. How to unblock iPhone

  9. After that, we start scanning the print. Select the 'Add Fingerprint' column and simply follow the instructions on the screen. Life hack – for the scanner to work better, especially on the iPhone 6, fill all the empty slots for a fingerprint with one finger. In this case, the chance of successful unlocking will increase significantly.

    How to unblock iPhone

Unlock iPhone

Now let's figure out how to unlock the device itself, protected by a passcode and Touch ID.

  1. When the phone screen is extinguished, press either the Home button or the lock button.
  2. How to unblock iPhone

  3. Next, we put our finger on the scanner. If it worked the first time, then congratulations on successfully unlocking your phone. If not, wipe your finger and scanner dry and then try again. As a last resort, you can always just enter the password code that was set in advance.

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