How to understand what iPhone is charging if it is turned off

The charging topic is now relevant to most smartphone owners. Users of apple gadgets are no exception. Usually the device is enough for a whole day of moderate use, but sometimes it is not possible to calculate the amount of charge and the phone simply turns off. If, in normal mode, it is easy to understand whether the charge flows through the wire to the battery, then it is more difficult to determine whether iPhone is charging if it is off.

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However, you should not make countless attempts to turn on your iPhone, because without the necessary charge level it will still not work. Finding out whether the turned off iPhone is charging or not is very simple.

How to understand if iPhone is charging if it is turned off

When the gadget is connected to an outlet or other power source, press the lock button. If after this action a green gradually filling battery indicator appears on the screen, then everything is in order. Any other images mean iPhone is not charging.

After the battery is filled to the level required for performance, the phone will automatically turn on.

It is worth noting that if the phone has a lot of charging, but it is turned off and connected with a cable to the outlet, the above action will not work. In this case, the phone will simply turn on.

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