How to uninstall WhatsApp

Any downloaded application on iPhone can be deleted. And not in one, but in many ways. The WhatsApp messenger is no exception.

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The easiest way to get rid of an application is to briefly hold down its icon on the home screen until it shakes a little and a small cross appears next to it. Next, you need to click on it and confirm the removal of the program.

How to uninstall WhatsApp

The second method is not particularly obvious and is more time consuming.

  1. Go to 'Settings' and scroll through the menu to the 'General' item.
  2. How to uninstall WhatsApp

  3. We find here 'Storage iPhone'.
  4. How to uninstall WhatsApp

  5. On the page that opens, we find the 'WhatsApp' application and poke at it.
  6. How to uninstall WhatsApp

  7. It remains only to select the 'Remove program' item. We confirm the choice, and after that the program shortcut on the home screen will no longer be.
  8. How to uninstall WhatsApp

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