How to unlock iPhone 4, 4S

Locking your iPhone with a password is a standard way to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes. Access to contact lists, social networks and instant messengers, bank cards and personal photos is reliably protected by a code that will not allow you to go beyond the unlock window. However, the password has a serious drawback – it is easy to forget. For some, one day without a smartphone is enough for this. There is no need to despair, the article tells how to unlock 4 iPhones if you forgot your password. There is an option in which there is no data loss, but in other cases, unlocking the iphone 4 will delete all information.

How to unlock iPhone 4, 4S if you forgot your password

Blocking types iPhone

Before describing how to unlock an iPhone 4s, let's understand the terminology. There are two types of iPhone lock: a password for entering the phone and a lock for a specific mobile service provider.

Password lock

As a rule, when asked how to unlock iPhone 4, they mean the standard screen lock with a password. The access code is set in the phone settings and consists of four or six characters. This is exactly what the owners forget. In such a case Apple provides the ability to unlock iPhone 4 s via itunes and iCloud service.

how to unlock iphone 4

Operator lock

In America and European countries, the practice of binding phones to a specific cellular operator is widespread. In this case, the smartphone will cost the owner much less. However, the iPhone will only work with the SIM-card of the provider with which the contract is signed. Such devices are delivered to Russia under 'gray' schemes, for subsequent resale. Such blocking is removed either by the operator himself or by special technical means and is not considered in the article.

how to unlock iphone 4s

How to unlock iPhone 4, 4S

Apple offers two possible ways to unlock your iPhone when you forget your password. Resetting the passcode is possible through iTunes and iCloud services. In both cases, you need to know the Apple ID to complete the transaction, and using iCloud implies that the 'Find iPhone' option is enabled in the phone settings. Let's consider these options in more detail and tell you how to unlock your iPhone 4s if you forgot your apple id password.

Unlocking via iTunes

The most common way to remove the lock is to reset your password through iTunes. Using this method, you can try to unlock the phone without deleting the information. If this option does not work, then the program allows you to delete all data in the phone along with the password. If you do not forget to make a backup in time, then after such a reset, you will only need to download the backup and use the phone further with all the previously downloaded information.

how to unlock 4 iPhone if you forgot your password

Recovery with data retention

You will be able to save the data only if the iPhone has already been synced with your computer and you are logged into your iTunes account Apple ID. Connect your smartphone to a PC with iTunes installed and launch it. After syncing and identifying your iPhone, open the Browse tab. In the block of general information about the device, click the 'Restore iPhone …' button. This procedure will install the latest operating system updates and reset your password. All information on the phone will remain unchanged.

how to unlock an iPhone 4s if you forgot your apple id password
Recovery without saving information

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If the previous method is not suitable for some reason, you will have to sacrifice data. However, if you regularly make a backup, then you can safely use this option – after resetting the password, it will be enough to recover from the backup.

Removing the lock in this way requires enabling the recovery mode or DFU emergency mode on the smartphone. To enter Recovery Mode, follow these steps:

  • turn off your iPhone;
  • press and do not release the 'Home' button;
  • connect your smartphone to your computer while holding down the Home key;
  • wait for the iTunes icon with USB cable to appear.

After launching iTunes will show a window with information that the phone is in recovery mode. Further actions do not differ from the previous option. Run recovery, which will not only update iOS, but also reset all smartphone settings to factory defaults by deleting information from the device and clearing the password.

unlocking iphone 4

Unlock via iCloud

This method also leads to the erasure of all information from the iPhone. In fact, this is a way to remotely wipe a smartphone and is often used in case of loss of a smartphone to prevent access to personal information. You can only use this option if the 'Find iPhone' function has been activated on the smartphone. If the option is connected, then on a computer connected to the Internet, go to your iCloud account and in the All Devices tab, find your iPhone. Select it and in the window that opens, click 'Erase iPhone' and confirm the action. Next, you will be asked to enter your personal code Apple ID and start remote wiping of data.

If your account password Apple ID is also lost, you will need to restore it. To do this, on the login screen, select the item 'Forgot Apple ID or password'. Answer the security questions or choose the option to send your password to a trusted email address (addresses are provided at the stage of creating an account).

unlock iphone 4s via itunes

With an emergency call

This option was available on older versions iOS, and in the new firmware the loophole is closed – now, when the phone is locked, using the emergency call button, you can only make a call to the rescue service. In case the firmware in the smartphone is old, here is the sequence of actions:

  • turn on your smartphone and on the unlock screen, tap on 'Emergency Call';
  • dial the emergency number (112) and immediately drop the call;
  • hold down the 'Power' button until the 'Turn off' slider appears and click 'Cancel';
  • re-hold the power button and in the third second (until the slider appears) press 'Emergency Call'.
how to unlock an iPhone if you forgot your password 4s

How to hack password after jailbreak

If your phone was jailbroken – a special procedure for jailbreaking the device to access the smartphone file system and disable restrictions iOS, then the described password reset methods may not work. For a jailbroken phone, use the special SemiRestore utility, which is designed just for such cases. Download and install the program on your computer and connect your smartphone to it. Run the application and wait for the device to be detected. Then click on the 'SemiRestore' button and wait for the end of the procedure. This option also erases all data from the device, but leaves the jailbreak active.

how to unlock iPhone 4 s if forgot password

How to unlock the screen iPhone 4, 4S

What to do if you find an iPhone that is locked with a password? Try resetting your password while preserving the information if you have the original cord Apple and iTunes installed. Perhaps the four will be able to do it. In case of failure, it remains to wait for an incoming call, or reset the smartphone, following the instructions above.

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