How to unlock iPhone without Home button

The Home button is the most important in iPhones and in all other Apple technology. With its help, a whole bunch of different actions are carried out, the most important of which is unlocking the phone. Therefore, if the Home button stops working, the user has big problems.

Their degree depends on several factors. The worst situation is when the device is turned off. In this case, there is no way to bypass the Home button and you will have to disassemble the device. Those who have a button failed due to the contacts of its mechanism will be very lucky. Then you can detach the screen, however, at this time the phone must be turned on, and close the button contacts with something metallic. After that, the phone will determine that you have pressed the button and will give you the opportunity to enter the password and continue using the device. If the problem is in the loop, then without replacing it, the device will remain a brick.

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After the above action is completed, let's start creating the so-called virtual Home button. Fortunately, the company Apple takes care of its users and duplicates the buttons programmatically.

  1. To do this, go to 'Settings' and go to the 'General' item.
  2. How to unlock iPhone without Home button

  3. Then open the Accessibility menu.
  4. How to unlock iPhone without Home button

  5. The 'AssistiveTouch' option will be our salvation.
  6. How to unlock iPhone without Home button

  7. We turn it on and then set it up. By default, it allows you to perform all actions that are to be controlled by buttons using the display. We are now only interested in the Home button.
  8. How to unlock iPhone without Home button

  9. Therefore, we go right there to the 'Top Level Menu' item and leave only one icon, which we assign the value 'Home'.

    How to unlock iPhone without Home button How to unlock iPhone without Home button How to unlock iPhone without Home button

Now you should have a virtual Home button on your screen, which can be placed in any convenient place. She knows how to do everything that is built into a mechanical button. The algorithms also do not change: one click – minimize the application, two – call the task manager, etc.

Now that we have a virtual button, unlocking the phone is easy. It will also remain when the phone is restarted. You can remove it in the same way as you turned it on.

It is much easier to unlock the phone if the user does not use a passcode and has a system iOS version 9.3.5 and earlier. There you can simply press the phone lock button and swipe across the screen in any direction, after which it will become available for use. In iOS 11, unlocking will not work like that, so in any case, you need to press a button or use a fingerprint scanner.

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