How to unscrew iPhone without a screwdriver

The iPhone is considered a rather complicated technique, but compared to other devices, it is easy to disassemble. This is good for the maintainability of the phone. After all, even an unskilled person is able to perform any manipulations with his gadget. True, this requires a set of special tools. But what if they are not at hand?

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All the insides of the iPhone open if you unscrew the two bolts located on the bottom of the device. With a special screwdriver, this action will take at most a minute of your time. But with a little wits and a little more time, everything can be done without a tool. How to unscrew iPhone without a screwdriver The bolts, although they have tiny threads, are located on the surface. Therefore, you can use a knife with a thin and sharp end to unwind. Other sharp objects such as needles, scissors and an awl are also used. Some go further and use women's jewelry. Especially inventive people make absolutely wonderful objects – with the help of electrical tape and glue they make the tip of a needle something like a screwdriver, but not everyone can afford it.

However, nothing will be better than a knife, which has been proven by personal experience.

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