How to update iPhone

How to update iPhone

Hello dear readers! In this article, we will look at what each user does if he wants to always work on the latest software from Apple, or simply because the firmware of his device has simply bored him – that is, about the update. We will consider all possible options for different devices, what pitfalls the user can expect and how to avoid them. Let's go in order.

In order to painlessly update the ios iphone, you need to remember and think about two things:

  1. Do you need it? After all, when a jailbroken device is flashed, the exploit that gave the user the opportunity to use it to the maximum is simply erased and all the delights end. But if this does not stop you and you decide to go to the “good side”, or simply because the hack for the latest firmware has already been released, then let's move on to the second point.
  2. Remembers if a backup was made iPhone.

If you have successfully backed up, then you can proceed directly to the update. We have already spoken about the reasons for the update, now let's think about possible ways of its implementation. There are two ways to update your device: through iTunes and over the air. Let's take a thorough look at each of them separately.

How to update iPhone via iTunes

For a successful and update, do the following:

  1. Connect your device to your computer
  2. In the iTunes window that opens, select your device
  3. On the page of your device, select 'Update' (or “Check for Update” in iTunes 11)
  4. iTunes will check for an update and, if available, will offer to install the latest current version of the operating system
  5. Click 'Yes' and wait for the installation process
  6. All is ready!

How to update iPhone

How to update iPhone over WI-FI (“over the air”)

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As a reminder, this requires an active internet connection.

Such an update is very simple to carry out, you just need:

  1. Go to the “Settings” application.
  2. Then go to “Basic” – “Software update”.
  3. Next, the device will check for available updates and, if available, will offer to update.
  4. click on the “Download and install” button
  5. waiting for the update to complete
  6. All is ready!

That's all! After the above steps, you get a ready-to-use device with the latest current firmware.

How to update iPhone

P.S. Experienced readers may notice that I have not indicated the possibility of firmware via Redsnow. There is a reason for this, and it is very simple: earlier, with such an update, the server Apple was substituted into the Cydia server in the hosts file. But now, unfortunately, it will not work to install the firmware below iOS 6 – Apple it does not give certificates for installing the firmware that is not the current version, and when the server is changed it swears and does not allow you to go further than iTunes errors.

The situation is different for those who have been familiar with “custom” firmware for a long time and have saved their SSH certificate. For those who do not understand what I am talking about: the SSH certificate is the signature of the firmware, and some specific one, for example 5.0.1. And with the help of this certificate, it is possible to flash exactly on the firmware to which this certificate is available at any time without an Internet connection. But now it is no longer possible to save such certificates, and those who have such a certificate know how to do it without me.

Good luck!

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