How to update WhatsApp

Like other popular apps, WhatsApp gets all kinds of updates on a regular basis. Some of them are large and make a lot of changes in the operation of programs, and some are intended only for fixing minor problems. In any case, the application should be updated as soon as it becomes possible in order to always remain protected and have all the available functionality.

There are two ways to update WhatsApp. Both are pretty straightforward.

The first is to simply uninstall the program and download it again in the AppStore, because the branded store Apple does not allow you to select the version of the downloaded application and always installs only the latest.

The second option is also related to the AppStore, but here we are interested in the 'Updates' tab.

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How to update WhatsApp

If there are any updates for the application, they will be displayed in this tab. To update it just click on the 'Update' button next to WhatsApp.

You can also simply enter WhatsApp in the search bar and click on 'Update' there. If the latest version is already in use, there will be an 'Open' icon.

How to update WhatsApp

With such simple actions, you can get the latest available version of the popular messenger.

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