How to use Telegram

Most of the users who own smartphones with constant Internet access spend a lot of time in instant messengers and social networks. This is easy to explain, because there you can communicate with a bunch of friends for free. Few people now call or write sms via a SIM card, because it is much easier and cheaper to do this via the Internet. Everyone chooses for himself the most pleasant messenger, but most often it turns out to be Telegram. Indeed, the application is simply customizable, and almost anyone can understand its capabilities. If you are not good friends with smartphones, then we leave you detailed instructions on how to set up Telegram to communicate with friends and family.

  1. First, the application must be downloaded from the AppStore. We go to the store and type in Telegram in the search. Click on the download of the very first option in the list and wait until it is fully downloaded to the device.
  2. How to use Telegram

  3. As soon as this has happened, go to the application and proceed with the configuration.
  4. How to use Telegram

  5. First of all, we are greeted by the start screen of the program. Here you have to select the language of the application. Click on 'Continue in Russian' and move on.
  6. How to use Telegram

  7. The second page will ask you to enter a phone number. enter the one for which we want to register an account and click 'Next'.
  8. How to use Telegram

  9. A few seconds later, a verification code will be sent to the number indicated earlier, which must be entered on the next page.
  10. How to use Telegram

  11. After that, the application will ask you to give him permission to use contacts, Siri and to issue notifications. We allow everything, otherwise there may be problems with adding new contacts.

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As soon as all the above steps are completed, the program is completely ready for full-fledged work. In the 'Contacts' section, select the user we want to write to, or add a new one and enjoy the conversation.

How to use Telegram You can also subscribe to all kinds of channels that publish interesting posts to a large number of users at the same time, or create your own.

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