How to use Wallet on iPhone

Modern technologies make life easier for ordinary people. Direct proof of this is the Wallet app for smartphones running iOS. Also, users used to know a program called Passbook. Millions of Apple product owners have appreciated the convenience and functionality of the app, so Apple Wallet remains at the top of the ratings for similar apps for mobile devices. The program is useful and useful in everyday life, so it is important to know how to use Wallet on iPhone.

What is Wallet

What is Wallet

In fact, Apple Wallet has become an acceptable alternative to a regular wallet. The application stores information about completed transactions, bank accounts, credit, debit and discount cards. The application also contains discount and bonus cards, e-tickets, and coupons. Even more – it is possible to add travel passes, passes and student IDs. The main thing for which the program is valued is the convenience of contactless payment for purchases. Wallet was originally called Passbook and simply stored card information. With the advent of Apple Pay, the situation has changed – the owners of iPhone began to use contactless payment, and to load bonus, payment and credit cards into the program. In 2015, the application was renamed Wallet, and the contactless payment function was also implemented using Apple Watch.

In Russia Apple Pay appeared only in 2016, but in full. Russians immediately got the opportunity to make contactless payments, add and store cards. The application is regularly updated, the manufacturer invests in improved features. For example, the function of viewing the balance on bonus cards recently appeared, and now in Russia they are waiting for the possibility of depositing a student card – so far this is only available in the United States. The app is set to iPhone by default and cannot be uninstalled. And to nothing – otherwise will it stop working Apple Pay? And the smartphone will not be able to conduct contactless payments. This innovation has not yet really taken root in Russia, but has already found a lot of admirers. It is believed that it is more convenient to store dozens of cards in one application than to carry a separate wallet for pieces of cardboard and plastic.

Setting instructions

Instructions for setting up Wallet

Users often don't know how to use Wallet on iPhone. The first thing to do is to link the card to the device.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Click on the 'Add payment card' item.
  3. In the window that opens, enter the card information.
  4. Click the Next button and then wait while the card is authenticated.
  5. If the result is positive, click Next again.
  6. After that, the card can be used for purchases.

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Also, the application has the ability to add cards that are not used to pay in stores. We are talking about client, bonus and other cards. These things are added to the Wallet app in other ways. The easiest way is to scan the barcode and click the 'Add to Wallet' button. Also, adding a card is made by clicking on the links from SMS or e-mail when activating the card.

The application can be synchronized with other Apple devices – iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch. The main thing is that the device is connected to the Internet and works with an iCloud account. Also, users can delete the added cards. For this:

  • open the application;
  • scroll down and go to the 'Edit Maps' section;
  • click the arrow;
  • confirm your choice by clicking 'Delete'.

Multiple deletion of maps is available according to the same principle – in the section 'Edit maps' the function of selecting multiple maps is available. Also in the map settings, it is possible to enable notifications of important changes, set automatic selection in accordance with the location. This is convenient – when a customer comes to the store, the program automatically selects a payment card and bonus coupons. For this function to work, you need to enable geolocation on the device.

How to use Wallet

How to use Wallet

The Wallet program and Apple Pay are just parts of the massive Apple Wallet project. Plastic cards have replaced paper money, now it is the turn of cards to give way to progressive solutions. Dozens of pages have been written about how to use Wallet iPhone, but in fact the instructions are short:

  • attach the smartphone to the payment terminal;
  • verify your identity by placing your finger on the fingerprint scanner.

The phone will perform further operations on its own and write off the money from the payment card located at the top of the list. If necessary, the main payment card can be changed if another has already been added to the application. To do this, lock the screen iPhone, double-click on the 'Home' button. A list of cards will open, you just have to scroll through and select a suitable account for payment. If a user pays with only one card, set the 'Default' value in the settings.

It is more difficult with non-payment cards – to present it at the checkout, you will have to open the card on the device. The merchant will scan the barcode identifying the card information. When the device is actively geolocated, a suitable 'plate' is automatically selected in the map list and displayed on the lock screen or at the top of the list. There will be no difficulties with payment and using the Wallet program; you will not have to install additional applications to pay. The future is on the doorstep.

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