How to view a series of photos on iPhone

Everyone understands that such a legendary device as iPhone allows you to take high quality and resolution photographs, to display the smallest details and convey a huge range of emotions. The built-in function on devices iPhone allows you to view the captured photos in slideshow mode.

You can start this view in two ways:

  • start from pictures in the album of interest;
  • launch for selected specific photos.

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If the owner of the device wants to make a slideshow of certain photos, he should:

  • Open a gallery with photos.
  • Select the photo of interest.
  • Press the function of selecting photo parameters.
  • Click on slide show mode.
  • After that, the selected photo will become the starting one in the slideshow, and all other photos will open in chronological order ..

How to view a series of photos on iPhone

The series of desired still images will start instant playback. If the user tries to click on any area of ​​the screen, he will be taken to the slide settings menu. Here you can write a theme for the slide show, insert music during playback and adjust the time for changing pictures.

How to view a series of photos on iPhone

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