ICloud scam. How not to fall for the bait?

Time goes by, and there are no fewer scammers. All of them seek to profit from the gullibility of people and do it with the utmost cunning – sometimes it is not so easy to feel deception. Nevertheless, there are already well-known, well-proven fraud schemes, and we will tell you about one of them today.

ICloud scam.  How not to fall for the bait?

ICloud Scam

Attackers use two main “divorce” schemes. In the first case, they create a fake account on the social network and begin to correspond with the future victim. As a rule, the conversation is conducted on behalf of a person of the opposite sex in order to win over the person. The fraudster is rubbing himself into the confidence of the victim, tells a lot about himself, trying to create the impression of “his own on the board.” After a while, a sad story of the lost or broken will certainly follow iPhone.

In the second case, the scammers act as a buyer iPhone and start to correspond with the smartphone sellers on Avito or WhatsApp. In the course of the conversation, it turns out that their iCloud account allegedly does not fit all models iPhone.

The result of each of the options is that the victim is asked to log into someone else's iCloud from a smartphone, sending him a username and password.

ICloud scam.  How not to fall for the bait?

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Fraudsters, under any pretext, ask the victim to connect to the recording and provide the necessary data from the phone. They will insist on the importance of the request and assure that they have no other acquaintances who could help in such a difficult situation.

But as soon as a gullible user from his gadget connects to someone else's Apple ID, his device is blocked. The attacker immediately changes the mask and asks to pay a ransom to unlock the phone.

How not to fall for the bait? A little trick

This scheme will not work if, before entering someone else's Apple ID, you disable the “Find iPhone \ iPad” option in iCloud on your gadget.

ICloud scam.  How not to fall for the bait?

By the way, all the manipulations that scammers ask for can be done through the desktop version of iCloud. Just log into the account provided and see if the requested data is there. Also in “Settings” you can see which devices are linked to this account.

If the device is really on the list and the necessary data is in the appropriate section – tell them to the swindler and enjoy his reaction. And if the fraudster was imprudent, you can teach him a lesson: devices connected to this Apple ID can be blocked in the “Find iPhone” section.

ICloud scam.  How not to fall for the bait?

In any case, we advise you to be careful and ignore unfamiliar people who ask you to log into an unknown iCloud.

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