Important tips for those who shoot with iPhone

Important tips for those who shoot with iPhone

Many users iPhone love to take beautiful photos and videos on their smartphone. Everyone tries to do something of high quality and interesting. This article provides some tips that may not make you a professional photographer, but will help you improve your photography skills on iPhone. After reading this article, you will definitely find something new for yourself. We will tell you about 7 life hacks on how to take beautiful and cool photos on iPhone.

1. Locking exposure and focus

Often times, the right focus and lighting are the key to making good shots. On any iPhone, in order to adjust the lighting in the frame, you need to change the exposure value, and to focus, just click on the subject of your choice.

But unfortunately, there can be problems due to the auto focus in iOS. Any change in the frame can reset the settings and the focus will disappear or change, so after setting the exposure and focus parameters, it is worth fixing them. To do this, you just need to hold your finger on the smartphone screen until the inscription 'Fix the exposure / focus' appears at the top of the camera interface.

Important tips for those who shoot with iPhone

2. Using digital zoom

There are two types of zooms:

  • optical zoom.
  • digital zoom.

It's easy to tell them apart. Optical zoom zooms in without distortion, while digital zoom distorts the picture when zoomed in.

Today we'll talk specifically about digital zoom. Digital zoom is an artificial approach to the subject, not by using the camera lens, but by increasing the pixel size.

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Most of the users, taking pictures of various little things (a clock face, flowers, headphones, food, text written on paper, etc.) simply bring iPhone closer to the object. This is not worth doing, because this method can significantly distort the frame, since the device uses a wide-angle camera. This feature of a smartphone lens can be bypassed and take a better picture. To do this, you just need to use the digital zoom. Unfortunately, noise will appear in the picture, but everything will look proportional and correspond to its real size and shape.

Important tips for those who shoot with iPhone

3. Using the timer

To increase your chances of getting a clear photo, you should keep any body movements to a minimum. To do this, you can start a timer, and while the countdown is running, keep your smartphone as level as possible. Also, with the help of the timer, you can take interesting photos without the help of your hands.

The timer can be set at the time you need. On any iPhone the timer can be started for 3 seconds and for 10 seconds. Using the timer, your pictures will be of better quality and will not be blurred due to unnecessary body movements.

Important tips for those who shoot with iPhone

4. Cropping pictures

You never need to use the digital zoom function while shooting to capture a single subject or cut off some subject in a future shot. It is better to crop the photo after it has been taken. The quality will not deteriorate in any way, but it will allow you to more consciously choose a certain area of ​​the picture that you need. And if you don't like the result, then you can return everything to its place.

Important tips for those who shoot with iPhone

5. Take pictures while shooting video

Very often, good shots on iPhone are obtained in motion. In the new versions iOS, there is a great opportunity to take a photo while shooting a video. To take the picture you want during the video, you need to click on the secondary shutter next to the red capture button. Thanks to this function, you will be able to take more interesting photos.

Important tips for those who shoot with iPhone

6. Using flash

Even if using flash in lighted places seems useless to you, you should still try to take a picture with flash. When shooting portrait photos, even indoors, you can achieve unusual results using the flash. Thanks to the flash, you can not only illuminate the dark areas of the frame, but also give the photo additional volume.

Important tips for those who shoot with iPhone

7. Take multiple pictures with one click

iPhone has a great feature – creating multiple photos at once with just one click. To do this, you need to point the camera at the object you need and hold the button to take photos as long as you need. Using this function, you can take a huge number of pictures with one click and you can definitely find the picture you like.

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