IPhone 4S: is it worth buying in 2019

New models of smartphones are getting more expensive every year. Therefore, you have to refer to the phones that came out 5-7 years ago. For example, consider whether it is worth buying an iPhone 4s in 2019. Let's take a look at this smartphone model today to see if it deserves attention.

Should you buy a iPhone 4S in 2019


To understand whether it is worth taking the iPhone 4s in 2019, let's research what it can do. This is a smartphone with improved color rendering of 8 MP, capable of shooting in the format Full HD.

It is based on the operating system iOS 5, which has a built-in intelligent assistant Siri that can execute commands and answer questions.

Smartphone parameters:

  • processor – Apple A5;
  • frequency – 1000 MHz;
  • flash memory – 32,768 MB;
  • works without recharging for 14 hours.

These are the moments that will be required to understand what the iPhone 4s is, whether it is worth buying this gadget in 2019. Next, let's take a closer look at the parameters.

iphone 4s is it worth buying in 2019


It should be admitted that the appearance of this smartphone greatly impressed users the moment it appeared on the market. When it went on sale in 2011, it made a splash.

Much water has flowed under the bridge since then. A compact 'brick' of a relatively small size will surprise no one.

Too heavy and thick compared to newer models. Height and width 115.2 mm by 58.6 mm. The phone weighs 140 g. Of course, it has become a classic long ago, but it does not meet the current standards.

is it worth taking an iPhone 4s in 2019


The diagonal of the phone is 3.5 inches. These parameters seem microscopic today. It saves the Retina display, which provides a high-quality picture, but not too much.

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In 2019, this is considered too little. No one releases new smartphones with a screen of this size.

Besides, the resolution suffers. In model 4s – 960 by 640. In all respects this is an outdated screen.

Should you buy a iPhone 4S in 2019


The phone has a dual-core processor operating at 800 to 1,000 MHz. The volume of its own RAM is 512 MB.

This is enough to open one browser or messenger. If you run multiple processes at the same time, problems will arise. The smartphone will start to slow down. In addition, not all the latest versions of applications work without interruption.

The 'stuffing' of 4s is now irrevocably outdated. Most programs and applications will require significantly more resources to run smoothly. This device simply will not pull them.

Should you buy a iPhone 4S in 2019


8MP camera. Provides good photo quality in bright natural light. If the conditions are not ideal, you will not have to rely on a high-quality picture.

On the front camera 0.3 MP. Initially it is intended exclusively for video communication, but in this case the image is the size of a postage stamp.

Should you buy a iPhone 4S in 2019

Additional features

This phone lacks many of the features that have become familiar to modern models. For example, stereo speakers, waterproof or dual cameras.

When the 4s entered the market, it was only a dream.

Should you buy a iPhone 4S in 2019


A brief overview is enough to understand that today the iPhone 4s is not able to satisfy the needs of the modern user. It is a multi-app phone capable of capturing quality pictures from time to time. He is not capable of anything else.

It is doubtful that anyone can be seduced by this model in 2019. It can be used for the second SIM, which you usually receive calls to. The device supports Viber stably. He has no other advantages today. But whether or not to buy an iPhone is up to you.

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