IPhone 6 Plus 'like new'

Often, users are looking for all sorts of ways to save money on buying their favorite device – iPhone. As practice shows, the most popular method, as well as the safest of all, is to purchase a refurbished iPhone, there are now many of them – 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus. The popular phones marked 'like new' is the 6 Plus.

For those who do not know what a refurbished iPhone is, let us explain. This is a phone that has already been used by someone, but for some reason was given to Apple's Trade-in to get a discount on the purchase of a new model. After that, the Cupertinians conduct a complete inspection of the device for damage and, if any, carry out repairs, replacing all with original parts of the appropriate quality. As a result, he gets a completely new iPhone. It differs from the regular version only in the box and the cost, which is about a third understated. It also comes with new headphones and a charger.

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IPhone 6 Plus 'like new'

As for the iPhone 6 Plus 'like new', it can now be found on the shelves of many stores at a price of 24 thousand for a modification with 16 gigabytes of internal memory. The 64 gigabyte version will cost 27-28 thousand.

I think that no one doubts that it is better to buy such a phone than a completely new one. I am sure that no one will find the slightest difference in performance, and you will have to pay much less for the gadget. In extreme cases, such devices are given a 1 year warranty from Apple, so the damage can be easily repaired or the phone can be replaced with another.

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