IPhone 7: headphone jack

Headphones allow you to listen to music anywhere: on the road, at work, on vacation, without disturbing other people. A popular connection format is the 3.5mm jack, also known as “mini-jack”, used in technology since the 20th century. Considering the size of the audio jack and the inconvenience of wiring, portable manufacturers have taken a new approach to music. Given the changes in 2016, the question of whether iPhone 7 has a headphone jack remains popular.

iPhone 7: headphone jack - is there, where

Design changes

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In 2016, the corporation Apple introduced a new connector iPhone 7, and the smartphone got rid of the usual 3.5 mm jacks for users. As it turns out, in iPhone 7, the headphone jack was simply removed in order to reduce the thickness of the device and improve the design. But despite the fact that in iPhone 7 the 3.5 mm jacks were removed, the ability to listen to music remained.

Apple suggested that customers use the Lightning interface for their headphones, which can serve both to charge the device and synchronize with a computer. Thus, users were forced to alternate phone functions, as well as use standard headphones, or purchase wireless audio equipment.

where is the headphone jack in iphone 7

Ways to listen to music

Given the major changes in iPhone 7 Plus, the mini-jack disappeared and users had to get used to the new format of use. There are several options for listening to music that are available to the owners of the brand's smartphones Apple.

iphone 7 plus headphone jack

Standard headset

Every iPhone sold comes with standard headphones with a microphone and remote control, they are called EarPods. Starting with the seventh generation of smartphones, the bundled headphones have a Lightning connector. It is inserted into the corresponding charging hub. Among the disadvantages of this method are the presence of wires that make using a smartphone uncomfortable, as well as the inability to simultaneously listen to music and charge the phone.

iPhone 7: headphone jack - is there, where

Wireless headphones

With the abandonment of the 3.5 mm jack, Apple began selling wireless headphones of its own production under the name AirPods. They are connected to the phone using the protocol Bluetooth and allow you to charge the device while listening to music without using wired technologies. But iPhone are compatible not only with the accessory Apple, but also with other third party wireless headphones.

iPhone 7: headphone jack - is there, where


With the disposal of iPhone 7 and Plus versions from 3.5 mm, adapters appeared, allowing both to increase the number of Lightning connectors and to add the usual 3.5 mm hole. The user only needs to insert the adapter into the process connector iPhone and it will start working.

iphone 7 plus connector

The disadvantages of the method are the inconvenience of use and the increase in the number of wires. In addition, handicraft accessories are dangerous because they have not been tested Apple for compatibility, which means there is a risk of incorrect operation.

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