IPhone 7 heats up in the camera area

Appliances Apple, in particular smartphones iPhone, can get hot and there are good reasons for this. If you do not pay attention to the problem that has arisen, when iPhone 7 Plus heats up where the camera is, then the smartphone may simply deteriorate. After all, long-term work in stressful conditions leads to severe wear and tear of the mobile device.

iPhone heats up around the 7 Plus camera

Overheating reasons

Often technical users Apple note that iPhone 7 Plus heats up where the camera is, even if no work is being done with it. The temperature also rises when running resource-intensive applications that require intense processor work. Among the main symptoms, which can indirectly say that the iPhone 7 is heated in the area of ​​the camera for serious reasons, are:

  • permanent or short-term “freezing” of the screen, physical buttons;
  • unauthorized paging of the menu;
  • fast discharge of the smartphone;
  • the smartphone does not turn off;
  • random reboot of the device.
iphone 7 plus warms up where is the camera

This indicates that there are problems with the smartphone, which are important to fix in order to avoid serious damage. Moreover, if the iPhone heats up in the area of ​​the camera, this does not always indicate a problem. This is understandable, since the natural causes of the temperature rise have been clarified.

Natural heating

Smartphones Apple are built from a one-piece monoblock body with very few cooling options. Therefore, even during daily operations, overheating is observed. For example, when searching for cellular networks, the temperature rises, and iPhone heats up in the area of ​​the camera when working with networks very often. Heating is also normal in cases:

  • work in modem mode;
  • CPU load – when running resource-intensive games and applications, talking, watching videos;
  • charging the device.
iphone 7 is heated in the camera area
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These situations are normal for an iPhone. Do not worry too much if the iPhone is heated under the camera, the temperature rises in the area of ​​the manufacturer's logo. The main processor is installed in these zones. The situation is aggravated if a protective shield is installed, because heat dissipation becomes impossible. Therefore, it is worth worrying only if unnatural heating appears.

Unnatural causes of overheating

If iPhone 7 heats up in the area of ​​the camera without reason, that is, no applications are running, charging does not occur and the Internet is not transmitted in modem mode. It is possible that this is a serious problem. For example, unnatural causes of heating are considered:

  • moisture penetration into the device;
  • the presence of defective or broken parts;
  • failure of the operating system.
the iPhone 7 is heated in the camera area

Typically, heating is not localized at one point, but is distributed around the perimeter of the case. In addition, the excess thermal energy does not come out of the latest iPhones, because they lack a 3.5mm headphone jack. It is also necessary to seek the help of the masters because due to the persistence of an elevated temperature, spontaneous combustion of the iPhone and a further explosion are possible. They will answer why the iPhone is heated near the camera, namely the iPhone 6s.

iPhone warms up in the camera area

How do I fix the problem?

If the phone begins to heat up suddenly, it was not preceded by a fall or being in water – unnatural causes of heating appear. In such a situation, you need to contact a wizard who will diagnose the problem and fix it. Even when the iPhone 7 Plus heats up in a place where the camera is in standby mode or when charging, the problem may be in the battery, and only a qualified technician can carry out repairs.

iPhone 6 is heated under a protective screen where is the camera

Sometimes disabling the background data refresh, resetting the settings and flashing the device with further configuration from scratch helps. Although there are more natural causes of heating than unnatural ones, if you find a problem, you should immediately seek repair and do not leave the phone charging overnight. In addition, the important question is what to do if iPhone X is heating up, because even these new devices are subject to elevated temperatures.

This will ensure a comfortable use of the iPhone and save money. After all, you will have to spend less on restoration than on purchasing a new device.

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