IPhone 7 labeled A1778

If you decide to purchase yourself iPhone 7, most likely, it will be labeled A1778. It is these devices that are imported to our country and receive warranty service. In addition to the Russian Federation, such a gadget can be found in several other countries, such as Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, Greece and others.

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iPhone 7 labeled A1778

Продается он и в США, вот только использовать его смогут не со всеми сотовыми операторами, а лишь с T-Mobila и AT&T. As always, devices for Russia and European countries are slightly different from those supplied, for example, to Japan. A1778 works a little slower with LTE networks, heats up more, but the functionality of the device is not limited here in any way, allowing the user to perform any actions for which the gadget is sharpened.

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