IPhone 8 scratches, truth or myth

iPhone 8 is an innovative smartphone from the company Apple, which has a durable glass case, fashionable design and protection from moisture and dust. The base of the case is made of steel, and the side frames are made of aluminum. Manufacturers claim that the materials used are 50% stronger than any others that were presented in previous models.

To understand if the iPhone 8 scratches, you need to test its performance in various conditions. During the test, the Mohs scale was used, which allows you to determine the level of hardness of the mineral with the help of scratches.

iPhone 8 scratches, truth or myth

Is it true that iPhone 8 is scratched?

Like its predecessor, the smartphone scored 6 out of 10 on the Mohs scale.


The glass on the camera's eye can withstand the same load. The aluminum frame around the lens is scratched quickly, you just need to carelessly run your fingernail over the surface. A stronger impact does affect the functionality of the device, the camera starts to malfunction. The lens glass is not optimally positioned as it protrudes from the body surface. Due to this design, the smartphone can not only be scratched, but also damaged by a side impact.


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An additional display test was carried out iPhone 8. A lighter was brought to the screen for 15 seconds, at first the display darkened, after cooling the device continued to function. The screen can be damaged by any metal objects, such as coins, lying in the same pocket as the gadget. After damage, the sensor stops working stably.

The screen is pushed through, the details of the smartphone become vulnerable to external influences. In the aquatic environment, liquid penetrates through the formed scratches, which first of all interferes with the operation of wireless charging and then destroys the battery itself.

iPhone 8 scratches, truth or myth

Rear glass

Testing the back panel of the smartphone gave a good result. The experts tried to scratch the iPhone 8 using a clerical knife, but they could not damage the case. However, the metal side panels peel off quickly.

The owners have a question of what to do to avoid scratching iPhone 8. The only solution is to purchase a special case that will protect the device from scratches, possible drops and moisture penetration. Changing the housing and other parts can be expensive.

Users quickly found out that the new iPhone 8 scratches easily. Experts have confirmed this through rigorous analysis and testing. The company has recognized the weakness of new smartphones and plans to get rid of scratching displays, screens, and cases in the future. In future models Apple seeks to implement improved panels, use more sustainable and reliable materials.

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