IPhone discharged and does not turn on while charging – what to do

How to turn on the iPhone if it is completely discharged

The smartphones of the 'apple' manufacturer, although they differ in the quality of workmanship, but the technology deteriorates over time. Therefore, users find that the iPhone is dead and does not turn on while charging. Smartphone owners panic – it is expensive to repair products Apple, even if the model has long been on the market. The list of possible causes of breakdown is not limited to a banal fall or falling into water, so you need to carefully examine the phone. In some cases, it is possible to correct the situation on our own, and in this article we will consider how to turn on the iPhone if it is completely discharged and has ceased to show 'signs of life'.

Charger problems

Often the reason that the iPhone sat down and does not turn on while charging is a faulty cable. In the places where the wire and the adapter are connected, users find creases. No electricity is supplied to the device, so a discharged phone will not turn on. It is worth carefully examining the charging – this will allow you to detect a breakdown in time.

Connect the iPhone to another charger – if the phone turns on, the cable will have to be replaced, sometimes the breakdown cannot be detected with the naked eye. Also, the reason may lie in a faulty outlet, so you should not panic ahead of time. A banal solution to a problem often turns out to be the right way.

The iPhone sat down and does not turn on while charging

Hard reset

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If the iPhone is completely discharged and does not turn on after an incorrect update or firmware, a hard reset will solve the problem. For this you need:

  • hold down the 'Power' and 'Home' keys;
  • wait for the logo to appear Apple;
  • the phone will reboot and turn on.

This method will help if older models, including the 7, 6, 5 or iPhone 5S, won't turn on or charge after being discharged. New models are hard reset differently; this is done to protect user information from accidental clicks.

  1. Quickly press the volume up key.
  2. Press the volume down key quickly.
  3. Hold the side button until the apple logo appears.

After the performed manipulations, the smartphone will turn on.

The iPhone is completely discharged and does not turn on

Smartphone malfunctions

Users complain that the iPhone will not turn on after being completely discharged due to being dropped or splashed into water. Only a technician in a service center can reliably find out why a smartphone does not want to work. The reason lies in the breakdown of the battery, cables, display, motherboard or processor – the technique requires careful handling. The masters warn that it is better not to look inside the device unnecessarily so as not to break the iPhone. And simple tips will help to avoid breakdowns:

  • do not discharge the phone to zero;
  • let your smartphone 'rest';
  • update your iPhone only using official programs and firmware;
  • charge the device with specialized chargers.

Follow these rules, and then the iPhone will work for a long time without errors. And remember that smartphones also have an operational life, and old technology breaks down due to age.

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