IPhone does not turn on, the apple is on and off – what to do?

It is unpleasant to face a situation where the iPhone is frozen on an apple and does not turn on. There are a lot of reasons for this, from mechanical damage to cold outside. You should not panic ahead of time, because if the breakdown is not related to damaged internal parts that require replacement, then it is possible to fix the smartphone at home. For owners of apple products, a set of instructions has long been invented, which are used as first aid for problems with a smartphone. If you do not want to look for the cause of the phone malfunction, you should contact the master – breakdowns are diagnosed in a few minutes.

The iPhone does not turn on, the apple burns and goes out

Breakdown reasons

To understand how to fix the device, it is important to understand why the iPhone does not turn on, the apple burns and goes out. Main reasons:

  • software failure;
  • battery malfunction;
  • incorrect update or firmware of the device;
  • problems with the power button;
  • discharged battery;
  • damaged charging cable;
  • corrosion of metal elements after being in water;
  • mechanical damage.

It is worth immediately discarding the least possible options – if the phone did not fall and did not end up in the water, then problems with damage to the internal filling can be safely excluded. Also check the power button – if the key fits snugly in the groove, doesn't wobble or fall out, then most likely it works without flaws. Check the integrity of the charging cable and connect your smartphone – the battery may be so discharged that there is only enough energy to display the logo.

The iPhone does not turn on, the apple burns and does not go out


If the iPhone does not turn on, the apple is on and does not go out, restarting the device can help in such a situation. Hold down the power button for a few seconds to make the device enter reboot mode. There is a second option for rebooting the device – hard, on older models for this, hold down the Home and Power buttons. The principle works differently in new models:

  • press the upper volume key and quickly release;
  • repeat the operation with the lower volume key;
  • press and hold the power button until the company logo Apple is displayed on the screen.

The smartphone will go into forced reboot mode, which will not only bring the device back to life, but will remove internal errors. A similar method is also used for network problems, battery problems, regular operating platform failures, and other shortcomings.

The iPhone does not turn on, the apple does not burn

IPhone in the cold

Often in the cold, the iPhone 5 does not turn on, the apple burns and goes out. This is due to the fact that equipment Apple is more afraid of severe Russian frosts than others. At low temperatures, a 'disease' manifests itself – a temporary loss of battery capacity. In order for the smartphone to work normally, it will have to be returned to warmth. Of course, you shouldn't put the device on the battery, but the room temperature is fine. Wait for the phone to warm up and turn it on. If the error persists after this, it is recommended to perform a hard forced reboot, as system errors occur due to frost and loss of capacity. Check the status of the smartphone – if after several hours of charging and hard reset the situation has not changed, you will have to take the iPhone to a service center for diagnostics. The problem may be with the hardware of the device.

The iPhone is frozen on an apple and does not turn on

Return to factory settings

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If the forced reboot did not help, and the iPhone does not turn on, the apple does not burn, in this case, returning to the factory settings of the device can help. To do this, install the latest released version of iTunes on your computer, and then strictly follow the instructions:

  • run the program on the computer;
  • connect a smartphone using the supplied USB cable;
  • sometimes a password is required – enter in a special field;
  • select the connected device in the list;
  • select the 'Review' item;
  • in the window that opens, click 'Restore';
  • confirm your selection.

After that, the phone will begin to restore the factory state, so after switching on, you will have to re-enter information about the user, as well as about passwords and accounts. During the process, in no case should you disconnect the smartphone from the computer – this provokes the transformation iPhone into a 'brick'.

IPhone 5 won't turn on.  the apple burns and goes out

Firmware upgrade

Help, if the iPhone 5S does not turn on, the apple is on and the smartphone goes out, the device firmware can be updated. To do this, also install the current version of iTunes on your computer, and then follow the instructions:

  • connect the cable to your computer and phone;
  • open iTunes and select the device that needs updating;
  • go to the 'Browse' menu item;
  • select the 'Update' item;
  • click on 'Download and update'.

The program may ask you to enter a password, you must provide this information. Wait until the process is completed, the smartphone and the computer cannot be turned off, so as not to completely ruin the smartphone. If the firmware is installed with errors, the smartphone will have to be rolled back to factory settings. Updating the firmware also helps to remove system errors, problems with the Internet and the network, as well as remove interface 'brakes'.

Battery problems

The iPhone 5S does not turn on, the apple burns and goes out

Battery problems are often the main problem. Batteries have an operational life, after which the smartphone will not be able to receive the required amount of power. The problem can only be solved by replacing the battery. Check the charger socket and cable – they should be intact, no damage. It is not recommended to often discharge the smartphone to zero and use Chinese chargers – they damage the battery. The smartphone battery also needs to be cared for – once a month it is necessary to completely discharge and charge the device, do not connect the wires 'directly', otherwise the battery will swell. It is also possible to replace the battery yourself, but in such cases, the part should be ordered from official stores and service centers. Chinese counterparts are cheaper, but only last a few months.

Mechanical damage

If the iPhone does not turn on, the apple burns and does not go out, then the reason may lie deeper – under the body of the smartphone. In case of mechanical damage to the internal parts, the phone hangs on the logo, and then either turns off or “pleases” with the logo until the charge ends. It is difficult to correct such a deficiency without the help of a professional, because:

  • it is important to correctly diagnose the cause;
  • you will have to order expensive parts;
  • work requires a specialized set of tools and jewelry precision.

Therefore, if restarting and resetting did not help, contact the repair shops. Only an experienced specialist will accurately and quickly correct the situation without damaging other parts of the smartphone.

Why won't the iPhone turn on?

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