IPhone frozen? We tell you what to do

It's December, which means that -20 on the street in some cities of Russia is not the limit. Unfortunately, working iPhone in the cold can be seriously damaged. For example, the touchscreen may not work, the battery runs out quickly, or the phone may simply turn off. How can you help your smartphone survive the harsh winter? Let's figure it out.

iPhone frozen?  We tell you what to do

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Prevention comes first

Try not to use your phone in cold weather. Yes, it's better not to flip through the Instagram feed at -25. It is better not to use iPhone outside in frosty weather, and if you need to call, use headphones or go into the room. Believe me, the gadget will thank you.

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Use special covers. There are cases that are resistant to extreme temperatures. Yes, they cost a little more than everyone's favorite “Chinese” from AliExpress, but they can save you unnecessary stress

Release “heavy artillery”. People's advice: when going outside in frosty weather, launch a powerful game or heavy application. This activates the processor, the motherboard iPhone heats up and the phone will more easily endure a severe minus.

iPhone “died” after all. What to do?

If your favorite gadget could not stand the minus and does not show signs of life, do not rush to look for a replacement for it. When you come home, let iPhone warm up for an hour – just not on the battery! Then do a Hard Reset. How? We wrote about this. After that iPhone should work. Otherwise, you will have to contact the service center.

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