IPhone Is X waterproof or not?

Since its release iPhone X, it has continued to be tested for reliability and durability, coming up with new tests and tests. Advertisements and videos showcase the latest smartphone in splashes of water, hinting at the water resistance of the glass case.

iPhone Is X waterproof or not?

Users will find it helpful to know how good the flagship Apple iPhone X is waterproof, whether its case is waterproof or not, and what the 'IP67' rating means.

Water protection level at iPhone X by IP

According to the official information provided on the company's website Apple, iPhone 10 is protected against water and dust, the degree of which is expressed by the index IP67. What does this mean and which term is better to apply to iPhone X: waterproof or waterproof?

iPhone Is X waterproof or not?

According to the international classification system that determines the degree of protection of the enclosure of devices – IPXX (Ingress Protection) indicates the level of protection of the case against water and dust penetration. The first digit X – characterizes the parameter of protection against the ingress of solid objects (including dust), and the second – from water, moisture. In the IP67 index for iPhone 10, the number 7 means that the device will withstand a short immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter. It is not assumed that:

  1. The functioning of the iPhone under water.
  2. Long stay in water.
  3. Dive deeper than 1 m.
  4. Impact with a jet of hot water.

It should be noted that '7' is not the coolest indicator of the degree of protection. Most of the flagships based on Android are certified with an IP68 index, which makes them more resistant to moisture.

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Protection against moisture penetration is provided by a sealed rubber frame located along the perimeter inside the case. However, the material wears out over time, and the rubber plugs gradually lose their properties after moisture gets in.

From the above, it follows that the iPhone 10 is waterproof, not waterproof. He is not afraid of falling into a vessel with water, drops or jets on the body. However, if you dive into the pool with it, then under the pressure of the water, the protective mechanisms are likely to collapse. It is also recommended to avoid contact with salt or soapy water, tea and other liquids that could damage the rubber components of the protector. If this happens, then rinse the iPhone with clean water, wipe it with a soft cloth and leave to dry for a couple of hours. Please refrain from charging the device after exposure to a humid environment until it is completely dry.

Is it possible to shoot video underwater

If you immerse your iPhone 10 in water and shoot a video, then most likely nothing will happen to it. However, this is not recommended, since the protection iPhone X in the form of the IP67 standard is provided by the developer in order to protect the gadget in case of force majeure. It does not guarantee uninterrupted operation of the device after immersion in an aquatic environment.

In addition, the touchpad will not work underwater. For those who still dare to film with iPhone X underwater, you will have to turn on the camera before diving. Instead of a sensor, you can use the volume control button.

Is water damage covered by the warranty

There are many videos and life hacks posted on the network offering to make sure whether the iPhone 10 is waterproof or not. For fans of experiments and underwater photography, it will be useful to find out – if the cause of the breakdown of iPhone X, as well as of a gadget of another generation, is the penetration of moisture or water, then it will not be repaired under warranty. This is clearly stated on the official Internet resource Apple.

iPhone Is X waterproof or not?

This means that the owner of the iPhone will have to pay for fixing the problem from his own wallet.

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