IPhone Rostest and Eurotest: what does it mean

One of the most frequent questions when buying a device is: “What is an iPhone rostest?” In the article we will answer it and tell you how it differs from the Eurotest, and whether such a marking gives any advantages.

In developed countries, products imported from abroad are subject to mandatory certification. Computer and mobile technology is no exception. Phones are checked for compliance with safety and environmental standards. The possibility of using the functions declared by the manufacturer in communication networks is determined. After passing the necessary processes, smartphones receive a certificate of conformity, and the manufacturer – the right to place the corresponding marking on the device. In the article, we will tell you what a growth for an iPhone is, how to find out if an iPhone is growing or not, and how the eurotest iPhone differs from them.

What is Rostest and Eurotest for iPhone

What is Rostest

In Russia, Rostest is responsible for certification of mobile technology. It issues appropriate certificates for devices legally imported into the country. The boxes of approved phone models bear the 'PCT' or 'EAC' badge (which is the same thing). During the check, the compliance with the Russian legislation of the chips and encryption methods is established, the emission standards, environmental friendliness of the materials are checked, the operation of the declared functionality in Russian mobile networks is guaranteed. And now in more detail about the benefits of the iPhone rostest, what it means for you, and whether you can rely on smartphones without such labeling.

iPhone Rostest is that

Benefits iPhone Rostest

So, you bought (or are just about to purchase) a new device, on the box of which there is a sticker with the 'PCT' or 'EAC' icon, and this means that you have an iPhone Rostest. This is what gives us in the end, what guarantees? In fact, we get not so little:


The first thing that confirms the marking on the iPhone packaging is the authenticity of the phone. This means that the smartphone is manufactured at the company's factory Apple, officially imported into Russia and meets the declared characteristics, is not a Chinese replica or a fake, and has not undergone a restoration procedure (that is, it is not a refurbished phone).

what is rostest for iphone

Support to work with any operator

In addition to authenticity, the PCT marking confirms that the iPhone model works on the LTE frequencies of Russian operators, and there will be no problems connecting to the network. The equipment of cellular providers supports the functionality of the device declared for our market and ensures its full performance.

iPhone Rostest what does it mean

Hassle-free warranty service

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Another plus of Rostest smartphones is warranty service. The support period is 2 years, not one as for 'gray' smartphones. In addition, unadapted smartphones have differences: such parts may not be supplied to services. Although European devices are covered by a world warranty Apple, in a number of SCs they refuse warranty repairs in the absence of a Rostest certificate. But iPhones released for the American and Canadian markets are likely to have difficulties with warranty repairs in official service centers. According to the rules Apple, obligations apply only to the region of sale. Russia belongs to the European region, so American and Asian devices may have problems with the service.

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Disadvantages iPhone Rostest

In addition to the undeniable advantages, the iPhones marked by Rostest also have disadvantages. Or rather, there are two of them: one explicit and one unconfirmed.


The main drawback of smartphones certified by growth is the price. It is 10-20 percent higher for such models compared to 'gray' smartphones sold in unofficial hardware stores Apple. The difference in cost is due to duty, other taxes and fees that are paid when the device is legally imported. Since the price of iPhones is already rather big, the overpayment turns out to be tangible.

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Less quality materials

The second drawback, which, although often mentioned, is not supported by convincing evidence. Users claim that smartphones supplied to our market are worse than European and American ones due to lower quality materials and workmanship. In fact, of course, this is not the case. Moreover, in addition to the PCT certification mark, smartphones also have the European CE conformity mark. Presumably, such opinions appeared due to the usual “diseases” of the first batch of iPhones.

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What is Eurotest

Eurotest (CE) is the same certificate, only marking compliance with European Union standards and allowing the distribution of telephones in European countries. These two certifications have no significant differences. There are no differences in frequencies and technologies between the cellular networks of Europe and Russia, so Rostest and Eurotest are similar. The main differences are in the accessories supplied with smartphones. This primarily concerns the charger, since phones designed for a specific country are equipped with a charger with an appropriate plug. When buying a phone only with CE marking, just in case, pay attention to the device model. It is desirable that the model be from the list of recommended for the Russian market. In this case, the buyer will not have problems with warranty service or the operation of the iPhone in the cellular networks of Russian telecom operators.

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How to find out if iPhone has Rostest mark or not?

Phones that are sold in official Russian stores have a Rostest certificate. The first sign of this, as we already wrote, is the letters PCT or EAC on the sticker with information about the smartphone. However, it is easy to forge a piece of paper and if you buy a phone from your hands or from an unknown store, it will not be superfluous to check the model code in the settings of the phone itself. Models intended for Russia receive the appropriate marking from the manufacturer. The model code is present on the sticker (in the upper left corner) in the properties of the phone itself and should look like 'ME432RU / A'. The numbers on the sticker and in the phone settings must match and have the letters RR, RU (as in the example), RP, RS, RM in front of the slash. Models with such markings are unambiguously certified by Rostest.

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What to choose: iPhone Eurotest or Rostest?

As follows from the article, the phones do not differ from each other functionally and in quality. The Rostest certificate gives a two-year guarantee, documentation and menus in Russian, but also a higher price. 'Gray' phones only with the 'CE' mark are warranted for 1 year, chances of having inappropriate charging to our sockets, but cost less. In addition, in the second case, there is a risk of getting scammed when buying. So it's up to you to decide.

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