IPhone with two SIM cards: are there, how to use

When the usual dispute begins on the Internet 'Android versus iPhone' Android users traditionally win – the iPhone did not support two SIM cards, but this has already become a common function. It was strange why a leading smartphone maker would ignore this characteristic of a smartphone. Now the owners of Android smartphones have nothing to cover, because the iPhone with two SIM cards has ceased to be an unprecedented miracle of the Chinese industry. Along with the technologies, he himself iPhone evolves, which has learned to work with two cards – this leaves the 'apple' products out of competition.

IPhone with two sim cards

Are there iPhone dual SIMs?

The first thing that comes to mind when the phrase 'iPhone with 2 SIM cards' is Chinese counterfeits. Outwardly similar to the original by 99 percent, and inside the shell is the same as the graphical interface iPhone. It is not easy to suspect a fake, but it is possible – instead of a specialized AppStore application, Google Play opens, which is embedded in Android. The main difference is the cost, the copy will cost 8-10 times cheaper than the original. On average, 11 thousand rubles are asked for a fake, the price corresponds to the 'model'. For copies of old iPhones, you will have to pay 6-8 thousand rubles. Such smartphones do not work very stable, attempts to remake Android for an apple increase the load. But if you want something exotic, please, order this miracle of engineering thought in Chinese online stores. True, no one vouches for performance, although the appearance is thoroughly copied by the Chinese.

But Apple finally heard the requests of users, and real smartphones appeared on the world markets that support the operation of two SIM cards – the 2018 model year:

  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • iPhone XR.

Apple distinguished themselves and here – the second SIM card for iPhone will not look like the usual cards. Manufacturers use eSIM technology, that is, they use an embedded module. It is impossible to pull out the device, but this is already progress, because earlier the “apple” products were equipped with only one card. I had to choose between important numbers or carry a push-button 'dialer' with me. In fact, the device now works with two SIM cards – an embedded and a physical card. The principle of use is almost identical to working with cards in other multi-SIM phones. Both users and experts agreed that this is a breakthrough in the world of technology, and the iPhone will never be the same again.

Second SIM card for iPhone

How to use iPhone with dual SIM?

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Owners of older models are not so lucky to get iPhone with two SIM cards, they have to go to the store for another device. Expensive and impractical – experts admit that there is no point in replacing the tenth model with an XS or XR just for the sake of a second SIM card. It would not be a good idea to give your smartphone to experiment and try to 'embed' eSIM, so I had to turn to the Chinese market again. The sale is full of various useful (and not so) additions to the original iPhone, including adapters for connecting a second SIM card. The device through Bluetooth connects to the smartphone. And then sends calls and messages. To work with a SIM card, you will have to install a special application. You will have to carry the adapter with you, but this is not a problem – the size of the device is close to a credit card, and cases for iPhone often contain pockets for plastic cards. The cost of such an adapter starts from one and a half thousand rubles.

ESIM technology implies a different principle of operation. The chip can be embedded on any part of the smartphone due to its miniature size. It is important that the eSIM function must be supported by the operator, so new ones iPhone are sold immediately with the settings of a specific network. It is worth choosing immediately such an operator that suits – it will not work to replace. It is recommended to check the information in specialized stores of mobile operators, because it is there that you can most often find new ones iPhone on the shelves. ESIM technology has already proven itself quite well, previously similar modules were embedded in Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S2, as well as smartphones Google Pixel 2. In fact, the updated module works like an ordinary SIM card, but differs in configuration. In Russia, the technology is still at the implementation stage, so you have to wait until spring until the second SIM card is fully operational.

iPhone with two sim cards

How does eSIM work?

You will have to get used to working iPhone with 2 SIM cards – the principle of eSIM functioning differs from the usual cards. For correct operation, Dual SIM Dual Standby is used. To use cards from different operators, a new smartphone should not be tied to a specific operator, otherwise the physical card must work in the same cellular network. In order for the eSIM to work, a number of steps are taken to connect.

  1. Scanning a machine-readable (QR) code. In the settings, go to the 'Cellular' section, find the 'Add tariff' item. Point the camera at the code provided by the selected operator.
  2. ESIM connection in the operator's application. In the AppStore, download the operator's specialized application and follow the instructions to activate the tariff.
  3. Manual input of information. In the cellular settings, there is an item 'Enter data manually'.

It is also important to indicate what kind of SIM card will be used by default – for making calls, writing SMS messages, using the Internet and using FaceTime iMessage programs. The other card will only work with calls and messages, as well as the Internet. Each time you dial a number, you do not have to select a phone number, iPhone will remember your preferred choice.

SIM-cards are managed from the settings of the cellular network, the owner of the smartphone decides to change the preferences. Keep in mind that only one SIM card should work on the Internet, so choose a favorable tariff in advance. Otherwise, there will be no problems with eSIM, experts believe that the future belongs to similar technologies.

How eSIM works

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