IPhone won't connect to wifi

Every owner of iPhone or iPad at least once faced the annoying problem of connecting to Wi-Fi. There are many reasons why the iPhone does not connect to wifi, and most of them are decided by the user himself.

Reconnect to the network

It is recommended to start checking the connection with the network settings.

Check password

One of the most common reasons why Wi-Fi does not work on iPhone is an error when entering a password. In this case, a thorough check of the typed characters and registers, as well as an attempt to enter the network with this password from an outside gadget, will help. If it succeeds, then the reason is different.

iPhone won't connect to wifi

Forget the net

This trick works in most situations where iPhone is not connecting to wifi. In the “Settings” section, you need to find the problem network and select the “Forget network” option. Then try to connect again.

iPhone won't connect to wifi

Reset network settings to iOS

If Wi-Fi is still not available, a proven method remains – resetting your current network settings to iOS. The user must:

  1. In the “Settings” section, find the “General” category.
  2. Select the option “Reset network settings”.
  3. Click the “Reset” icon.

The settings will be reset, after which you can try to connect to Wi-Fi again.

iPhone won't connect to wifi

Router problem

The reason why Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone is often looked for in incorrect router settings.

Internet connection

First of all, you need to make sure that the device is in the Wi-Fi access zone. If the iPhone does not catch the existing network, then it is better to ask the administrator a question.

iPhone won't connect to wifi

Check cables and connections

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When your home router shows no signs of Internet access, the first step is to examine the cables, pins, and connections.

Reset network settings

To change the settings of the router, you need special knowledge or use the help of a specialist. For advanced users, it is recommended:

  1. Reset settings by clicking on the corresponding button.
  2. Change encryption protocol WPA2 / WPA to WEP.

In some cases, changing the region of use to the USA in the router settings will help.

Software errors

Incorrect operation of iOs and other software also leads to the fact that Wi-Fi on the iPhone does not turn on well. In some situations, the user will be able to independently correct system errors.

Force reboot

When manipulating the settings of the wireless connection and router does not help, it makes sense to do a hard reset of the device – hard reset. As a result, the configuration will return to the factory state, and the user programs and settings will be deleted.

Update issues iOS

The developers fix most of the bugs in new versions iOS. Updating the OS to the latest version is likely to fix the Wi-F connection issue.


It happens that wi-fi does not work on iPhone due to firmware. Users will update them easily with iTunes. After the device is connected to the PC, the basic characteristics of the device become visible in the “Overview” tab in iTunes: model, phone number, firmware version, and others. To update the firmware, just click on the “Update” button.

Broken Wi-Fi module

When the iPhone is not connecting to wi-fi, it is recommended to look at the wifi switch icon when swiping from below. The gray color of the indicator warns of a possible module failure. The user will not solve this problem on his own, and will be forced to contact the service center, where specialists will change the non-working element for a new one.

Service center addresses:

  • Apple – services: st. Zemlyanoy Val, 65, Moscow, Russia, tel. +7 (495) 229-12-91, apple-services.ru.
  • Apple Service Center: st. Zolotorozhsky Val, 38, Moscow, Russia, tel. +7 (495) 796-62-52, apple-service-center.com.
  • IPhone-Doctor.ru: Paveletskaya square, 1, Moscow, Russia, Paveletskaya, tel. +7 (985) 410-11-65, iphone-doctor.ru.
  • Brobrolab: Derbenevskaya st., 1, Moscow, Russia, Paveletskaya, tel. +7 (499) 110-17-85, brobrolab.ru.
  • Apple iphone: Aviamotornaya st., 8, building 1, Moscow, Russia, Aviamotornaya, tel. +7 (495) 220-68-58, sotserv.ru.

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