IPhone X Eurotest and Rostest: differences and which is better

Original smartphones from Apple are represented in Russia by two certificates: iPhone X Rostest and Eurotest (from the European market). The first ones were officially imported into the country, passed customs control and adapted to the Russian market. The latter were purchased in European countries and bypassed state registration. Therefore, users have a question – is there a difference? And which purchase is more profitable.

Rostest on Iphone X

iPhone X Rostes

IPhone 10 Rostest until recently was designated PCT. On the boxes of 2017-2018 models, this badge has changed the name of the EAC – certification of the Eurasian Union. Do not be intimidated by these letters, these are two identical standards. In these devices, the options work fine and support Russian operators.

They do not hide information about the place of manufacture. To find out where the model is from, go to 'Settings' → 'General' → 'About this device'. The description contains the code, the last 2 letters indicate the country from which the device is.

IPhone 10: Rostest

iPhone X Eurotes

A separate batch is issued for each country or group of countries Apple. Smartphones get different firmware, bundles, sometimes even colors and some features. iPhone X Eurotest are original gadgets, only made not for Russia.

In addition to “white” and European devices, there are American-made gadgets on the Russian market. Unlike Eurotest, such models are not serviced in Russia, have different communication standards and do not support local operators.

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Cons of iPhone X Eurotest:

  • speaker volume is limited;
  • FaceTime function does not work;
  • some sound notifications are not disabled;
  • you cannot pay with Apple Pay.

There are many stores that sell 'gray' iPhones, on the Internet and offline. They can be recognized at a reduced price compared to the official country.

Eurotest for iPhone 10

What's better

The choice in favor of the 'white' iPhone seems obvious, because the devices are legally imported, have certificates of conformity and are suitable for use in our country. But thousands of users prefer cheap and slightly illegal gadgets.

Warranty service

On iPhone X Rostest, as on officially imported and registered ones, there is a 2-year warranty. But for 'gray' smartphones – 1 year and not everyone will be taken into service.

Complete set

The contents of the box vary by country. Nothing super cool, of course not here, the kit for Europe or America includes a power adapter with a plug with two flat pins.

Package for iPhone X


This is where Eurotest models win. Intermediaries who import iPhones without obtaining certification according to Russian standards save on taxes, experts, etc. Therefore, the difference in price reaches several thousand, even tens of thousands.

The quality of the 'white' and 'gray' smartphones does not differ. All manufactured Apple, only intended for the markets of different countries. Here everyone decides for himself what to prioritize: money or confidence in the purchase.

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