IPhone X: full overview

The iPhone 10 is a product from the company Apple, which was an expected device for fans of high-tech gadgets. Features and characteristics of each released iPhone set the trend for all other manufacturers of mobile devices. This review will help each buyer understand the interface nuances and innovations of the iPhone X.

iPhone X: full overview

Body colors and designs

The smartphone from Apple is available in two body colors: silver and space gray, as the authors themselves called it. The color feature is vacuum spraying when painting the framing metal frame of the case. This method was used by the manufacturer for models iPhone produced in a space gray color. This gives the bezel and the glass back surface a uniform monolithic color.

iPhone X: full overview

At first glance, it may seem that the gadget is no different from other models iPhone, but the comparison shows that there are a lot of differences. The manufacturing company decided to change the design of the devices for the first time in several years. A closer look at the body of the device reveals the differences from its predecessors.

The rear panel iPhone 10 is not made of aluminum, as it was before, but of reinforced glass. The company's return to the use of glass to create the design of the smartphone body made the gadget attractive to the eye and more pleasant to the touch. Apple they used not simple glass, but reinforced glass, which made the case more reliable. The material was stained in several layers, which increased the density and saturation of the color, and the optical varnish added a range of shades to the glass coating, which replace each other depending on the degree of illumination.

iPhone X: full overview

The tenth model has an oleophobic coating not only on the display, but all over the body, which allowed the engineers Apple to make the phone attractive and less easily soiled. The coating does not allow fingerprints to remain on the case, and any dirt can be easily removed with a napkin. The frame surrounding the body of the device is made of stainless steel alloy.

iPhone X: full overview

The shape of the smartphone has become more elongated due to the installation of a screen with a non-standard resolution and diagonal. Otherwise, the company has retained the distinctive features of its devices on this model: rounded corners, symbols on the back cover, the location of the keys, speakers and the main rear camera remained in the same places. Only the front panel of the device has undergone major changes.

The bezels surrounding the screen have become thin and almost invisible. This also applies to the bottom panel keys, which have completely disappeared. Around the upper frame, the designers Apple made cutouts for the screen, and under the frame itself, in a small space, placed proximity sensors, illumination, a speaker, a microphone, a 7 megapixel front camera, an infrared emitter and a camera, as well as a point projector.

iPhone X: full overview

Performance and processor

The iPhone X is equipped with a six-core processor Apple A11 Bionic, which represents a different generation of processors than the A10X Fusion, which was equipped with previous versions of the gadget. 4 processor cores are responsible for the efficiency of the device, and the remaining two are responsible for performance. Compared to the old processor from previous iPhon versions, the Apple A11 Bionic shows a 75% improvement in efficiency and 25% in performance.

The processor operates on a dual-core neural system that recognizes faces, locations and objects, working on the principle of intelligent learning. A large number of cores not only improves the performance of the gadget, but also allows it to more economically use battery power. The graphics processor developed by the company is optimized for all applications and games, including programs developed with the Metal 2 graphics engine.

With an additional processor load, processing data from demanding applications, all six cores are simultaneously connected to work, ensuring stable operation in all types of programs by increasing the power.

iPhone X: full overview

New screen

The main feature of the iPhone 10 screen is the non-standard display diagonal – 5.8 inches. The developers have equipped the device with a Super Retina HD display powered by technology OLED. The refusal of the developers from the liquid crystal displays, which were equipped with the previous models iPhone, made it possible to give the gadget's screen improved color sensitivity, increase the contrast and give the colors more saturation. In addition, OLED – the display consumes the energy of the smartphone more economically, improving its autonomy.

iPhone X: full overview

The display occupies almost the entire front side of the smartphone, with the exception of a small central upper substrate – parts for the speaker and sensors, in most programs the picture looks limitless thanks to this design solution. HDR-matrix with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1 provides a good view at any angles of inclination, a screen resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels, with a density of 458 IPS. Improved color reproduction combined with HDR technology allows you to view videos shot in HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats.

iPhone X: full overview

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The screen supports True Tone color temperature detection and adaptation technology, which works through four-channel light sensors.

Face id scanner

The scanner set to iPhone X allows you to unlock the device by recognizing the owner's face, and also allows you to confirm purchases in all Internet services Apple, including trading platforms that work with the system Apple Pay.

The scanner is based on TrueDepth technology, which projects 30,000 dots onto a recognized face, creating an accurate virtual portrait. An infrared sensor is responsible for detecting a face in low light, and an infrared camera reads a virtual portrait, creating an infrared projection of a face even in complete darkness.

iPhone X: full overview

The developers have provided for the possibility of accidentally unlocking the gadget, therefore iPhone X removes the access restriction only when the user deliberately tries to do it, looking directly at the camera. In addition, the technology is fraudulent and does not recognize masks or photographs. The face card scanned by the device is stored encrypted in memory and protected by the Secure Enclave option, which will help to recognize the owner, even if his appearance has changed.

Touch id

Touch ID technology for the company's developers Apple is a thing of the past, and on iPhone 10 it was completely replaced by the above option.


The main camera of the IPhone X is dual, both lenses have a resolution of 12 megapixels. The telephoto lens has an f / 2.4 aperture and the wide-angle lens has an f / 1.8 aperture, both equipped with an optical image stabilization option so you can capture detailed photos in low light conditions. The dual camera increases the sharpness and depth of the image, while blurring the background is natural. The developers have improved the quality of video shooting: the camera shoots in FullHD 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, and in Slo-mo mode – 1080p at 240 frames per second.

iPhone X: full overview

The Slow Sync True Tone Quad-LED Flash has a variety of lighting options: studio, indoor, face, stage, and more. Long shutter speeds and pulse rates distribute light evenly throughout the entire image, without darkening objects in the background or overglowing objects in the foreground. The company has improved the procedure for processing the signal of the resulting image: the camera recognizes objects, faces, lighting and movement dynamics in the frame, adjusts to the conditions and selects the desired shooting mode automatically.

The 7MP front-facing camera has an identical feature set, but also has its own characteristics. These include the interaction of the lens with an IR camera and the “TrueDepth” option. Thanks to their interaction, the front camera has features for fast focusing, natural blurring and sharpening. In addition, the company's developers have added the Animoji option to the selfie camera – animated stickers that are superimposed on the face of a person entering the frame.

Water resistance

The developers have implemented on iPhone 10 the IP67 dust and water protection system tested on previous versions of the gadget. From this point of view, there have been no improvements in device security. This standard means that the phone is protected from dust and dirt and short-term contact with water. This standard does not imply long-term underwater use.

iPhone X: full overview

Wireless charger

The company has equipped the X model with wireless charging via a Qi module. The universal docking station standard means that you can charge the iPhone X battery with any similar wireless charger from third-party manufacturers.

The company's proprietary wireless charger is named AirPower. With it, you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

iPhone X: full overview

Completion and packaging

The company Apple never experiments with the packaging of its products, therefore iPhone X comes in a compact standard cardboard box with a picture of the device on the front.

The scope of delivery iPhone X, like all previous models, is limited. The standard set includes the gadget itself, a 5 W charger, a USB-Lightning cable, branded EarPods headphones with a Mini-jack-Lightning connector, a metal key for working with a SIM card slot and a classic set of paper booklets and documents for a phone .

iPhone X: full overview

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