IPhone X labeled A1901

Each iPhone at the factory receives a special marking consisting of the letter 'A' and four numbers. A lot depends on these symbols – the scope of delivery, phone functions and so on.

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For example, the А1901 marking has iPhone X supplied to European markets and to our country. This phone comes with a European plug, which does not require an adapter, and there is no SIM card included.

iPhone X labeled A1901

This modification of the iPhone x is distinguished by the presence of all options. For example, a dozen supplied to Saudi Arabia does not have the ability to make calls via FaceTime, and Japanese gadgets are deprived of the ability to pay for purchases via Apple Pay.

An important advantage of buying such a device from us will be the availability of warranty support. In official service centers Apple, modifications that are not subject to sale in our country can be repaired only at their own expense, while A1901 is repaired under warranty, if it is still valid.

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