IPhone X Plus: Did the iPhone XS Max live up to expectations

In September 2018, the world received the long-awaited lineup update Apple. Long before the official presentation, popular Internet sites, bloggers and curious users made assumptions about the design and 'stuffing' of future flagships. Rare leaks on the company's website made it possible to compose a picture of the innovations, but iPhone X Plus and junior iPhone XR. presented a lot of surprises.

Did the iPhone XS Max meet expectations

Why did the new devices Apple get these names?

It was immediately clear that smartphones would become a logical continuation of last year's top ten. The hope was for lower prices and it was assumed that the developers will take into account the complaints from people about the peeling of the steel frames or 2018 was the year of the 'S' models. The review presents three smartphones at once: iPhone XS, iPhone 10 plus and iPhone XS Plus, as well as 'democratic' iPhone XR. The correct name is 'iPhone Ten Es plus', but in our country 'Ten Es' or 'X Es' took root.

Why they named the iPhone 10 plus

What did you expect from iPhone X Plus?

Estimated release date iPhone X Plus – September 28, for pre-order the model will be available 3 days earlier. After 1 week of use, the first reviews and impressions appeared, which turned out to be not so rosy.

What expectations were not met at all:

  1. The main disappointment is the price. In 2017, everyone listened with hope to the news from Cupertino. In the first months, top managers announced a price reduction for all or at least one model. As a result, the iPhone XS and XS Plus became the most expensive models in history Apple, and the budget smartphone iPhone XR caught up with the flagship of last year.
  2. The dream of millions of users is a 'long-liver' smartphone, which lives without recharging for 2 days or at least until the evening. Alas, the tests showed good battery performance, but the readings are not much different from the previous models.
  3. Contrary to the pleas of potential buyers, the contents of the box iPhone 10 Plus have not increased by any accessory. The 3.5 mm to Lightning adapter disappeared without a trace. So for your favorite headphones with a standard mini-jack, you will have to buy an adapter in stores Apple or from third-party companies. The lack of a device for fast charging was not amusing either; with a 5 V adapter, you will have to keep your smartphone on recharging for at least 2 hours.

What's impressive about the new iPhone 10 Plus is the screen. Thanks to the minimal bezels, the body itself remains the same as in the iPhone 8 plus, but the working surface has increased by 25%. IPhones will never have a 3.5mm audio output, Touch ID and a physical Home button. It is naive to expect these options to return.

Possible release date iPhone X Plus

Main features iPhone XS Max

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iPhone 10 Plus got the max prefix for a reason. Have buyers dreamed of an almost bezel-less and large smartphone? They got it. IPhone XS max.


The feature of the iPhone XS Max camera, like the other two models of 2018, was the expansion of the functions of the Portrait mode. Thanks to the Neural Engine, the camera instantly recognizes objects, defines clear contours, and automatically adjusts the lighting level.

Face ID just got faster and smarter. The face detection sensor cannot be fooled by facial expressions, an extended beard, or even insufficient lighting. The smartphone 'recognizes' the owner from among the millions.


If you are a fan of giant smartphones, then the iPhone XS Max is made for you. However, for people of average height and medium palms, it will be difficult to work on such a surface, or rather impossible. Otherwise OLED – the display surpasses expectations. Color reproduction, millions of colors, white color control functions and other options put the display ahead of the competition. Viewing images and videos is now even more impressive.


This year glass and metal were again used as materials. The back panel is made of new generation tempered glass, and the smartphone has received a new, highest degree of protection against moisture and dust: IP68. This means that the gadget is immersed in water up to 1 m and for 1 hour without serious consequences for the internal contents. But you should protect yourself from such experiments, if the case leaks, under the guarantee the technical assistance service will no longer help.


For such a compact device iPhone, the XS Max has a powerful and advanced processor among digital devices. The A12 Bionic has 6 cores, 2 of which are responsible for complex tasks and 4 for performance. Neural Engine or Machine Learning Mode. The smartphone instantly processes information, remembers the actions of the owner and, when requested, gives out what, in the opinion of artificial intelligence, is interesting to humans.

Apple still have dozens of ideas on how to improve and expand the functionality of their smartphones. Last year, it was announced that it was no longer a double, but a triple camera. Perhaps devices will receive a similar expansion next year, 2019.

Chips iPhone XS Max

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